Oracles: Enlightened or Not?

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The validity and nature of Dharma Protectors is a very relevant topic in recent times, particularly in the wake of the Dorje Shugden affair as instigated by the 14th Dalai Lama. Is it possible to differentiate between enlightened and unenlightened deities, and how does one do that?

This video highlights nuances in Tibetan Buddhist culture and ritual to make a distinction between worldly and awakened beings, through the tradition of oracles in Tibetan culture.

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  1. Thank you for this video. It certainly makes a lot of sense and is very logical.

  2. Fantastic information once again, there are different treatments between enlightened deities and unenlightened deities entering an oracle.

    Unenlightened protector like Nechung are the ones who asked the Dalai Lama to stay in Tibet in the 50′s, Enlightened Dharma protector like Dorje Shugden was the one advised for the formation of Chushi Gangdruk and advised the Dalai Lama to leave.

  3. Thanks for making this video as a solid proof of differences between enlightened and unenlightened protector. I used to be skeptical of this but after my sister and I flew from hongkong to attend the opening of Serpom monastery, was fortunate enough to witness the oracle took trance of Lord shugden. I was totally convinced by what I have seen with my eyes. Lord Shugden, may we pray for the truth to be revealed soon!

  4. Can Dharmapalas permanently live inside an Oracle?

    Can you be born with a Dharmapala residing inside you?

  5. wonder information and explanation of enlighten and un-enlighten oracles, This video really help me understand more about oracles too.

  6. Gesar Kusali, most of the oracles must go through very strict retreat for 3 years, 3 month and 3 day before they can invoke Dharmapa and takes trance. Some are born with gift that can channel with Dharmapala. Just my little understanding

  7. Dear

    Thank you for highlighting the characteristics of the deity taking trance via an oracle. It is very clear now as to how to distinguish the enlightened and unenlightened deity. I like the part where unenlightened pay homage to the Lama instead of otherwise. In addition enlightened protector accept offerings with Mudra while unenlightened protector cut the offerings with swords.

    I think this is a good educational post


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