Wisdom from an Old Lady

For ninety-nine years,
I have worked for the benefit of beings.
now this work is almost complete.

I will not take birth again
in this human realm in a physical form,
nor will I leave behind any remains or relics.

But my emanations in the world will be innumerable;
and many will recognize them.
They will be perceived in different ways,
depending on karma, pure or impure.

In the same way, mind itself has no support, has no object:
let it rest in its natural expanse without any fabrication.
When the bonds (of negative thoughts) are released,
you will be free, there is no doubt.

As when gazing into space, all other visual objects disappear,
so it is for mind itself.
When mind is looking at mind,
all discursive thoughts cease and
enlightenment is attained.

As in the sky all clouds disappear into sky itself:
wherever they go, they go nowhere,
wherever they are, they are nowhere.

This is the same for thoughts in the mind:
when the mind looks at mind,
the waves of conceptual thought disappear.

This body of ours is impermanent,
like a feather on a high mountain pass.
This mind of ours is empty and
clear like the depth of space.

Relax in that natural state, free of fabrication.
When mind is without any support, that is mahamudra.
Becoming familiar with this, blending your mind with it
– that is buddhahood.

Supreme view is beyond all duality of subject and object.
Supreme meditation is without distraction.
Supreme activity is action without effort.
Supreme fruition is without hope and fear.

This old lady has no instructions more profound
than this to give you.

- Machig Labdron, 11th century

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  1. The above saying is so deep yet is so meaningful. I read it over and over again like more then 10 times but I cant seems to gagged fully. It seems easy to achieve but yet is so difficult to put it into practice. “IMPERMANENCE” the big word.

    May I be able to cultivate more Merits to understand.


  2. Yes Apple, we need merits to understand. Enlightened beings speak from realisations. Continue to practice and apply the teachings in your daily life. Good luck!

  3. A great poem, I simply love this line:

    I will not take birth again
    in this human realm in a physical form,
    nor will I leave behind any remains or relics.

    Such enlightenment in these words. I smile when I read it, it has a feeling of such enlightened “arrogance” and I do not mean any disrespect. How many women would love to say such words, yet we are so caught up in samsara and attachments we will never have the attained wisdom to reach such level of speech.

    To be able to attain so much through mindfulness and impermanence is true bliss in its most pure form. To be blessed by her should be our daily persistence. It is a delight to just read this poem. Simply beautiful…

  4. The above poem are deep and meaningful…yet is difficult to understand.

    To my understanding, it emphasize about attachment and attainment.

    May I gain MERITS to understand deeper.

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