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What happens to lamas who practice Dorje Shugden? The Tibetan leadership says one thing, but their actions show another.

What Happens to Dorje Shugden Lamas?

It is common knowledge that the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA; the Tibetan leadership based in Dharamsala) continuously promotes the false notion that Dorje Shugden is an unenlightened spirit or demon. They claim that he arose from the culmination of flawed and mistaken prayers made during his previous life as Tulku Dragpa Gyeltsen. As a lowly…


Complete Collected Writings of H.H. the 10th Panchen Rinpoche Lobsang Trinley Lhundup Gyaltsen (1938-1989)

His Holiness the All-Knowing Panchen Rinpoche was a massive figure among the Tibetans for centuries. Known for his scholarship, occult abilities and strong compassion to disseminate the dharma to all who came in contact with him. We are very fortunate the complete compilation of his writings, meditations and prayers are offered here. Although it is…

His Holiness the 10th Panchen Rinpoche

10th Panchen Lama Writes Prayer to Dorje Shugden

His Holiness the Gyalwa Panchen Rinpoche, any of the line of this reincarnated line in Tibet, each of whom heads the influential Tashi Lhunpo Monastery (near Shigatse) and until recent times was second only to the Dalai Lama in spiritual authority within the dominant  Gelugpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. In fact spiritually Panchen Lama is…

Contemplate This

.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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