My Perspective in Life Changed

I had been in my Dharma centre for a couple of years before I was introduced to the Protector practice. My life had been in the doldrums, moving from one thing to another. There was no stability and many ups and downs. Each day began with me thinking of when the day would end so that I could go back to bed. There was no fulfillment and deep in my heart I knew I wanted to do something “useful”, something that could benefit people, be it in a big or small way. I started looking but found nothing that attracted me. Then, on a fateful day a chance meeting led me to my Dharma centre.

The whole situation changed because I then realized the impermanence of things around me. I also began to accept the fact that we come into this life empty and we go empty. My perspective in life changed. I began to follow the teachings of my teacher and relied on my Protector practice, and slowly my attitude and aspirations changed.

The benefits I have received from the Protector centers on gaining stronger realizations, being more deeply inspired, gaining protection and experiencing spiritual growth from understanding teachings and practice. I have also learnt to smile a lot more and diffuse my fiery temper!

I would like to relate a particular example of protection I have received from the Protector. On one occasion, as I was driving home after work, I started driving down a slope. An oncoming car, moving very quickly, suddenly veered into my lane from the left. I couldn’t brake because there were cars close behind me and I couldn’t swerve to the right because there were concrete barriers along the road. Either way, I would have been involved in a nasty accident either with other cars or with the concrete barriers.

I panicked, called out to Buddha and Protector for help, chanted mantras, honked frantically and hoped for the best. In perilous moments like these, we realize that there is still so much to do, which we have not yet done! We wish that we had been more active and done more. Miraculously, the driver of the other car was able to swerve out of my way, just in the nick of time, missing my car by inches. I was badly shaken but thankfully, not hurt. I could only thank the Buddha and Protector for the wonderful protection.

~ Georgina ~

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  1. Thank you Georgina for sharing your experience with the Protector. I guess many of us go through the same kind of doldrums as you, always just passing the day after day after day. And many do not have the blessings that we have to have found Dharma and receive the Protector practice. May we always strive consciously to be grateful for this preciousness.

    What a heart stopping moment to have the car swerving into your path. At times like this we experience that seconds in time as long minutes. Plenty of thoughts just flash pass and its amazing how much thoughts could go through. It is also a real test of whether we are practiced to have the Guru and Protector at the forefront of our thoughts too I would think. May you always be blessed by the Protector and your spiritual practice gain the results you wish for.

  2. However we feel we have changed, nothing changes our perspective like a close shave with death. But then again, everything is impermanent.

    It may seem bad for me to say that you are lucky you had that close shave but then without that your faith would not have been so strengthened.

    May you continue your virtuous journey and find peace and better future now and your future lives.

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