Dissipating Anger

It was another late night and I went to bed exhausted as usual. Tonight though was a little different because my cousin had done something to really anger me. I forget now what it was but I was angry… very, VERY angry. I could feel myself burning from inside out, and it was like no anger I had ever experienced… I think it was closer to rage and looking back now, it scares me how much rage I had for what was probably a very small and petty thing.

Anyway, I was lying in bed, stewing and brewing about it. It never occurred to me once to let the anger go. After about an hour, from UNDER my bed, I heard a loud hiss-growl sound. I have to explain at this juncture that technically, there was no ‘under my bed’ as I was sleeping on a mattress that had been placed directly on the floor!

But instantly, my anger dissipated and I felt my body cool down. I wasn’t scared by the sound. I didn’t know what it was at the time – I only thought later that it might have been the Protector – but judging from how quickly I let go of my anger, and how quickly I fell asleep soon after, I knew it couldn’t have been a spirit.

Remembering that kind of anger today stops me from slipping so far into rage… and this is how the Protector has helped me!

~ Li Mei ~

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  1. Thank Li Mei for sharing your experience of benefit with Protector Dorje Shugden. I understand what you mean when the anger becomes so immense that it may just spill over into hatred. And yet, after it’s passed, we wonder what was that all about. I am very for you that Dorje Shugden had helped you to dissipate your anger before it got worse and you became mindful to not reach out of proportion again. I too had learnt that its our own selfish expectations that cause us much anger when not fulfilled, so with my Guru’s teachings and the Protector’s help, learnt to understand and let go. Much better for our peace of mind and sometimes turn the situation around to be pleasant. May you always be blessed by Dorje Shugden.

  2. Wow, Protector came to your mind just like that! Many people would have thought otherwise. And, you remembered the feelings and have become mindful of it since. Such a blessing to have assistance like that. As Buddhism teaches, we have to learn to let go and this is a very good instance of it.

    Rejoice for you and how you have moved forward and really learnt from it.

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