A Powerful and Giving Protector

In 1996, when I moved into my brand new house, a Buddhist Master visited me and gifted me with Chenrezig and White Tara images for my altar. Then, he also gave me a picture of a deity sitting on a white lion. I knew about Chenrezig and White Tara but not the deity in the picture.

When I asked the Master who he was, he explained that it was the God of Prosperity and that he would help me with my business. I then asked what prayers I should recite. He replied that it was not necessary to say any specific prayers but only offer incense every morning. So I continued to do this for years until I finally learnt who this deity was in 2008: the Great King, Dorje Shugden!

Since I started to pray to my God of Prosperity, I have been doing well in the management of my family funds. I survived the Asian Financial crisis and also the Tech bubble burst in 2000. During these two crisis, many people lost huge amounts of money. I did too, but somehow, I seemed to recover quickly and always came out of the situation better.

In 2004, when I bid for a franchise of a popular restaurant, I managed to get it against much competition. I have always felt that in my businesses, “things” always seem to be smooth and when there were obstructions, I seem to overcome them quite effortlessly.

On a personal note, when I heard that my daughter-in-law was pregnant with a pair of twin girls in 1997, I was very happy to receive the news. However, unfortunately, they were born 12 weeks prematurely and survival was difficult. Somehow, once again a miracle happened and after intensive medical care and a 21-day stay at the hospital, both my twin granddaughters survived.

Miracles have been happening more often now since I set up a proper altar and statue of Dorje Shudgen in my house. The protection from Dorje Shugden has not only been for me but for my whole family.

For example, one day, at exactly the same time that I was saying my prayers towards a special thangka of Dorje Shugden, my daughter-in-law ran into a car accident, where she drove into a ditch. She came through without a scratch on her and the wondrous thing is that there was also not a scratch on her car.

At around the same time, my son was the victim of black magic. His conduct during that time was terrifying and he was most difficult to be with. Knowing how compassionate Dorje Shugden is, I prayed for him to help and my son is now fine. He is even most beautifully working for the Dharma now and has become very involved in our Dharma centre.

When I sit down and think, miracles have been happening to me all the time and I know that they will continue. I will always be grateful to that Buddhist master who first introduced me to such a powerful and giving Protector.

~ Phyllis ~

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  1. Thank you Phyllis for the wonderful live stories, that Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden has helped you and family members.

    I enjoying reading your stories, it makes my faith even stronger with the Protector. Thanks

  2. How blessed you are to be introduced to Dorje Shugden such. And, he has given you many assistance over the years with simple propitiation on your side. Your faith must have grown from strength to strength with this.

    Thank you for sharing as it does help to open my eyes and strengthen my faith.

  3. Thank you Phyllis for this sharing of your experiences with Dorje Shugden. It is really magical how he help us when we propitiate him daily. He is the very best friend that we can have in our lives, as a Protector and as a “family” member. Dorje Shugden will also be with us through our many lives until we gain entry into enlightenment. Of course, all these are only possible through the compassion of our Guru who gave us the Dharma and the Protector Dorje Shugden. May all people be blessed with connection now so that they may benefit from Dorje Shugden’s practice too.

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