What’s the similarity between Sharmapa and Shugden’s dilemma?

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His Holiness the Dalai Lama and CTA (formerly known as Tibetan Government-in-exile in Dharamsala) did not support the integrity and choice of the chosen Karmapa recognized by His Eminence Sharmapa Rinpoche.

The Karma Kagyu leaders for centuries have the full right to choose and recognize the immaculate line of Karmapa incarnations according to their traditions without the interference of the then Tibetan Govt or leaders of the other sects. His Holiness the Dalai Lama and CTA promotes the Orgyen Trinley which was not chosen by the 2nd highest ranking lama of the Karma Kagyu Sect which is Sharmapa Rinpoche.

Since the Dalai Lama and CTA never invite Trinley Thaye Dorje (Karmapa chosen by Sharmar Rinpoche) they are saying without words, we do not respect your choice. We do not support or recognize your choice. This is a clear silent message to Sharmapa and the Karma Kagyu tradition, they must come under the rule, law and edicts of Dalai Lama and CTA. You have to abide by their choice even if there is no tradition to support this in the history of the Karma Kagyu school.

Similarily, in the case of the 350 year Shugden ban, His Holiness Dalai Lama and CTA have no rights to ban this practice or speak against this practice. The official head of the Gelug School is His Holiness Gaden Tripa. But this head have no chance to speak or head the Gelug School as Dalai Lama and CTA do not allow them to or face ostracization.

The Karma Kagyu School have the full capacity to recognize their own Karmapas and take care of their own affairs. They do not need HH Dalai Lama or CTA in any of these matters. For the same reasons, the Dalai Lama and CTA should not ban Shugden’s practice among the Gelugs. He should allow freedom of practice and integrity among the various schools of Tibetan Buddhism and their leaders. He should not interfere in their centuries old practices. No words, bans or threats should be made against anyone practicing Shugden by Dalai Lama and CTA. It is unconstitutional, against freedom of religion and no civilized democratic leader would dare utter bans against any religious worship.

Since Dalai Lama is the secular head of Tibet for so long, he should allow all Tibetans practicing and not practicing Shugden to join in fully with the Tibetan people and have unity. Not be divided because of religion. All should be free to join in any of the Dalai Lama’s talks.

If Dalai Lama is giving religious sermons, then Shugden people may not wish to join or be banned from joining, but secular gatherings they should be allowed to join as they are Tibetans first and religion second. As the Dalai Lama was the secular leader, he should allow fairness.

Now that the Dalai Lama has retired, all Shugden practitioners should be able to join in all meetings, decisions, votes, activities with the new elected head such as Lobsang Sangye and all future elected heads. Whatever Tibetans choose to believe, they should be allowed into the Tibetan mainstream.

It seems the Karmapa Thaye Dorje and Sharmapa Rinpoche camp are doing very well even without the so called support of the CTA as in this video. CTA acts very clever because in their silence regarding the Sharmapa’s candidate condemns the incarnation of Thaye Dorje as chosen by Sharmapa. CTA never invites Thaye Dorje for any events in Dharamsala. This is a clear indication they do not support and in their silence suppresses the Sharmapa’s choice of Karmapa effectively interfering in Kagyu affairs.

CTA are slowly eliminating themselves. It’s just a matter of time.  In time like the khata they used to strangle Tulku Drakpa Gyeltsen 350 years ago will return upon themselves eliminating their own existence like the wheel of sharp weapons returning full force. CTA are literally slowly stangling themselves amidst all the harm and negative politics they have created.


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  1. Already bad enough that HH banned Tibetan DS practitioners from everything, now CTA want put their nose into everything they can put their hands on to as well? The Gelugpas are having a hard time with the ban and now the CTA wants to discredit Kagyu’s tradition that have been practiced for so many years by disrespecting the Kagyu’s privacy. It is so sad to hear about this.

  2. That’s an interesting comparison although it doesn’t surprise me. I have been working with some ordained sangha in India and there are whisperings and feelings among some of them that the dalai lama is trying to establish himself as a single ruler of all Buddhism, across all the sects. Creating splits within the schools destabilises them, so that he can then have a stronger hold on all of them to “unify” them under his single rule. With the Shugden controversy and the two karmapas, it does seem that way. It sounds like the historical Chinese emperors who split up smaller states and killed off their rules so that they could unite the whole country until their single rule! It sounds very archaic.

  3. it is totally not right to actually ‘disrespect’ (under this circumstance) the tradition of other sects. I am pretty sure that Sharmapa Rinpoche being the 2nd highest ranked Lama in Kagyu sect would have enough clairvoyance to be able to determine the authenticity of the Trinley Thaye Dorje reincarnation. with due respect to the HHDL, i am somewhat puzzled by this and may i suggest this is another religion political power play?

    But then again, i strongly object the enforcement of the ban on Dorje Shugden practice. i feel Tibetans or any other people in the world will have the same right of practising religious freedom. Besides, there have been too much controversial issues and conflicting actions from HHDL re the ban.

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.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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