Breaking News: 2nd Attack on Domo Geshe Rinpoche’s Monastery!

Hooliganism from anti-Shugden and Dalai Lama Followers as they attack Domo Geshe Rinpoche’s monastery in Phedong for the 2nd time in less than 2 months!

The current incarnation of H.E. Domo Geshe Rinpoche

Today marked the 49th day of the passing of Kusho Pasang-la, the caretaker of Gaden Choling Monastery in Phedong. It is common knowledge to any Tibetan that the 49th day is the last day of bardo, which is the intermediate state between death and rebirth. The monks of Gaden Choling were performing important pujas for Kusho Pasang-la, and one can imagine it to be a solemn and sacred ceremony.

Would anyone with even the smallest ounce of compassion and conscience dare disturb the performance of these crucial rites? Clearly, some would.

A large group of monks and lay people from nearby Tharpa Choling Monastery in Kalimpong have once again invaded Gaden Choling Monastery and attempted to seize it by force, showing utter disrespect and aggression towards the small community of Dorje Shugden lamas of Gaden Choling at a time when they have just lost a leader and someone very dear.

The anti-Shugden intruders, who are followers of the Dalai Lama, included both monks and laity who definitely understood the gravity of the 49th day prayers. However, blinded by their hatred of Dorje Shugden practitioners which was incited and encouraged by the Central Tibetan Administration through publications such as this hitlist, Tharpa Choling monks decided to invade and loot Gaden Choling, on the basis that it belonged to Domo Geshe Rinpoche, a prominent Dorje Shugden lama.

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A picture paints a thousand words but this video shows the painful truth of the deep division in Tibetan society, created at the hands of none other than the Dalai Lama. As mentioned by the narrator in the video:

…look at all these anti Dorje Shugden people. We have many Dorje Shugden statue and thangkas inside our monastery. But today, during the 49th day of puja for Kusho Pasang la who passed away 49 days ago, pro Dalai Lama people came to attack and cause problems for the second time… they are saying they will completely wipe all of us Shugden followers from here…

From the statements of the pro-Dalai Lama intruders, one can clearly conclude that not only is this attack pre-meditated, but also harbors ill intent and sentiments of violence. Such behaviour is nothing short of the manifestation of hooliganism on a significantly sad day and is not acceptable by any standard. It does not take a genius to guess who is in the wrong – the invading monks of Tharpa Choling or the mourning monks of Gaden Choling?

In fact, this is not the first time that the monks of Tharpa Choling have displayed such violent behaviour. One week after the passing of Kusho Pasang-la on May 18th, 2014, approximately 40 people both lay and ordained had already attempted to seize Gaden Choling by force. The full account of the first attack is reported here:

It is baffling that the Tharpa Choling monks have the audacity to invade their neighbouring monastery not once, but TWICE. However, one can hazard as guess as to why: Six weeks have passed since their first attack on Gaden Choling but there has been no response from the Dalai Lama nor the CTA to reprimand their actions.

If the Dalai Lama can speak so passionately against Dorje Shugden followers and encourage all Tibetans to conform to the ban on Shugden’s practice (supposedly to protect the Tibetan Buddhist faith), why doesn’t he condemn the behaviour of the Tharpa Choling monks, whose actions are light years away from the Buddhist principles of love, kindness and compassion, and even more detrimental to the reputation of Tibetan Buddhism in the eyes of the world? One can only conclude that such violent behaviour is not only condoned but encouraged by the Dalai Lama and his administration.

May 18, 2014: Monks from Tharpa Choling Monastery (on the jeep) forcefully entered Gaden Choling Monastery for the first time. When this photo was first published, the monks refused to leave Gaden Choling

Ironically, the monks of Tharpa Choling were themselves once devout practitioners of the protector Dorje Shugden while their teacher, the previous incarnation of Domo Geshe Rinpoche, was still alive. However, when the 2nd Domo Geshe Rinpoche entered clear light, the monks of Tharpa Choling decided to abandon the teachings of their guru, and instead joined the Dalai Lama in vilifying the Dharma Protector that once insulated their spiritual path, thus breaking their samaya in the process. Worse, they have now taken their rebellion one step further in attacking their root teacher’s monastery, property and their fellow students.

When the leaders of a country implement a policy that encourages violence from a section of the community towards another, and do nothing even in the face of mounting evidence of brutality against the marginalized community, it is the leaders themselves who are ultimately responsible for any injuries or deaths that result from such brutality. Therefore, as the ruling body of the Tibetans-in-exile, if the Dalai Lama and the CTA continue to remain silent on this matter, then the blame for any ensuing harm or violence towards the Gaden Choling monks specifically or Dorje Shugden practitioners in general lies squarely at their feet. This is especially the case in view of the recent hate-publications against Dorje Shugden practitioners including:

Funnily, the Dalai Lama has accused Dorje Shugden practitioners of worshiping a spirit or a demon. However, by just looking at what happened in Gaden Choling, one can’t help but wonder who is the real devil in disguise. For those who believe in the Dalai Lama, we ask you to reconsider your stand because we now have ample evidence of the lies and violence that are perpetuated by the Dalai Lama and his cronies. Looking at the trend of the CTA and the followers of the Dalai Lama, the ban must be lifted to prevent an outburst of casualties carried out by those who are bewitched by the falsities and greed of a politically-motivated “spiritual” leader.



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  1. To the mobsters who have invaded Gaden Choling Monastery twice now and during such a very important time for the monastery, you have been forced out of Tibet and now live in democratic India.

    Please follow the law of your new homeland or else you will not be welcomed. Don’t create trouble and spoil the name of your leader H.H. the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people.

    Please consider what you are doing. Are you really practising Buddhism or are you more interested in money, power and all the things in Samsara. Please consider. Thank you.

  2. Independence, autonomy, self rule for Tibet?

    Not a chance if you, the so called followers of H.H. the Dalai Lama are behaving like this.

    The Chinese are laughing.

  3. The Chinese are not worried about the Tibetans and CTA. They know CTA is doing a good job of destroying themselves. Dharamsala, Losang Sangye, Penpa Tsering, Tibetan Parliament are all ineffective. Their days are numbered.

    The Chinese have the money, power, population, control, land and international support. All CTA has is the Dalai Lama and what can he do? Nothing against the Chinese.

    Dalai Lama is old and only has a few years left and then it’s over for CTA. They will be not heard from again.

  4. The CTA must realize that by proliferating violence, it is only going against their propaganda of Free Tibet and very soon, it will rob the Dalai Lama of his Nobel Peace Prize. By keeping quiet and not putting a stop on these attacks, they are seen as accomplices to these crimes.

    Domo Geshe Rinpoche’s second reincarnation was a household name in Tibetan Buddhism and was highly praised by Lama Anagarika Govinda in his critically acclaimed book “The Way of the White Clouds.” Domo Geshe Rinpoche was a well known Shugden Lama that has contributed significantly to the growth of Buddhism world wide. Together with a Sri Lankan monk, he revived Buddhist practices at the great stupa in Bodhigaya, an area controlled at the time by a Hindu Raja and his militant followers.

    How can then after passing into clear light, his own students have chosen to betray him and the Protector to safeguard their own status and safety? The undue pressure by the Dalai Lama and the CTA , the discrimination and persecution suffered by Shugden practitioners have created this split. By imposing unquestionable veto power on both lay and monastic Tibetans to drop the Shugden practice, it has caused a rift in Tibet the moment the lineage holders like Domo Geshe Rinpoche and Trijang Rinpoche passed into clear light.

    Kusho Pasang-la the personal attendant and caretaker of Gaden Choling was still holding the fort and deflecting the attacks and challenges until his dying breath.

    Now it is crucial that those who are still strong, young and alive to continue fighting and living the pure truth of Dorje Shugden and debunk and destroy all contaminated charades organized by the CTA and the Dalai Lama.

  5. How insensitive for the Anti Shugden/Pro Dalai Lama group to be creating such disturbances and chaos at the time when the monastic order of Gaden Choling Monastery is praying and conducting Pujas for the demise of their senior member and caretaker, Kasho Pasang la.

    In their totally disgusting conduct the monks and mobs of Tharpa Choling are bullying this small community of Shugden lamas to overtake and control the premises which holds images and thangkas of Dorje Shugden. Obviously they do not want the relics as they profess to be against Shugden worshippers, so the whole purpose is to wipe Shugden communities off the earth.

    Any government will look into the welfare of their citizens but what then is the CTA doing in this instance?

    Even the Indian police are there, where is a member of CTA who has jurisdiction over Tibetans, to be there to ensure that there is no civil commotion and strife among their people.

    How can a government who condones division of their people rule against China to regain Tibet? There is no hope until CTA is non divisive then only can the voice of Tibet be heard.

  6. It is very sad & disheartened to see such events happening again within a short span of time. All these violent & unethical behaviours are totally unnecessary. Not only these monks who took part in this attack are breaking their buddhist principles but also totally forgotten about the kindness of their guru (2nd Domo Geshe Rinpoche)who once took care of them when he was alive.

    Since violence was never the context of the buddhist teaching & the CTA has mentioned that they have never been any unfair treatment to all Tibetans in regards to DS practioners, how is it that the (CTA) are not doing anything about such violent behaviour ? Does it mean that they (CTA) concur to such actions? If they do then WHO IS THE DEVIL NOW!

  7. This act of aggressively attacking Gaden Choling during this solemn and sacred ceremony is an act of violent without any compassion at all. It is pure logic that the monks of Tharpa Choling’s intention to wipe out all innocent Dorje Shugden’s practitioners.Who are the real spirit or demon worshippers after all?

  8. The anti-Shugden and Pro-Dalai Lama camp is displaying war-like behavior where opportunists use the misfortune of the war victims to gain power and material wealth. Similar to the looting incidences in Sierra Leone Civil War that plagued the nation for a decade, Dalai Lama followers are attacking Dorje Shugden practitioners in a barbaric manner that reflects extremely poorly on His Holiness.

    The Dalai Lama and pro-independent Tibetans claim that the Chinese acted cruelly in their 1959 invasion. How does this attack differ? What makes this attack worst that the 1959 invasion is that brothers and sisters who share the same root and faith are turning against each other in a bloody war that will impact the nation’s future, the unity of the people, the reputation of His Holiness and the purity of Lord Buddha’s teachings.

    Besides the major impact such petty and primitive behavior the CTA and Dalai Lama followers are creating, one cannot help but wonder if the Dalai Lama and the CTA has gone so desperate to resort to stealing property. As mentioned, Domo Geshe’s students built the monastery with no contribution from His Holiness or the CTA. Therefore, based on international law, they have no legal claims towards these personal assets. Can this not be seen as corruption where authorities use their power to take possession of personal/private properties? Would such behavior not hinder future donors and sponsors if offerings to their Gurus could potentially be highjacked by dirty political tactics? I humbly ask that CTA and anti-Shugden groups think a little deeper before acting in hast and emotion.

    Death is one of the most sacred part of our lifetime in the Dharma, would it not be normal to expect that self-claimed Buddhists who follow the teachings of the Dalai Lama would not bastardize the crucial ceremony of death? Most would logically respond “yes” to that question. Unfortunately, this is evidently not the case here. If the attackers claim that Kusong Pasang-la was not a good person because he practiced Dorje Shugden, then as Buddhists, would that not mean that it is even more important for a “contaminated mind” to receive as much blessing as possible? Did the Buddha not teach us to be compassionate to ALL sentient beings? Does the 8 verses of mind transformation not teach us to examine our every action and to firmly confront and avert any disturbing attitudes that endangers others or ourselves?

    Please, if there is a statement to be made, make it with wisdom and skillfulness that causes sustainable benefit to all sentient beings. Do not resort to primitive, war-like barbarism that will ultimately cause more harm than good.

  9. These perpetrators are the evil ones who have no conscience, compassion or kindness whatsoever towards the deceased by disturbing the final rites on the 49th day of the deceased! The monks from Tharpa Choling and the lay followers who had attacked Gaden Choling cannot call themselves Buddhists!

    The Tibetan Leadership had failed once again! How could Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) and His Holiness Dalai Lama allow the perpetrators to get away from their crimes? How could you allow this attack to recur? By remaining silent on this, CTA and His Holiness Dalai Lama had brought about a disrepute to Tibetan Buddhism.

  10. Their true selves are showing.

  11. During a period of degenerating of Buddha’s teaching, A Buddhist sage observed that in a monastery in Tibet that housed 3000 monks. Only 500 was geshe, 500 was trader and the rest fits neither to these two groups.
    The Buddhadhrama had degenerated to such a degree that not even single bits of the teaching was retain by these mobster monk. Now they are donning the robes and raid their own Guru properties.

  12. In my opinion, all these anti-Shugden monks are ridiculous. They have no respect for others. As the monks of Gaden Choling is doing the 49th day prayers for Kusho Pasang-la, all these anti-Shugden monks went to attack. Imagine you are having prayers for someone you respect or love, someone attacked you, how would you feel. I do not mean that they should attack another time, I strongly disagree with violence.
    Violence is never a solution for any problem. It can only make things worst, things will never work out with violence. Pro-Dalai Lama people should not attack Shugden practitioners! STOP THE VIOLENCE! LIFT THE BAN FOR THE SAKE OF EVERYBODY!

  13. It is so disheartened to see a Buddhist condemning and attacking another Buddhist especially when both parties descend under a Guru, especially when all are in state of mind of sorrow and loss . What have this mobsters really learnt from their Guru , Domo Geshe Rinpoche all this while? The mobsters are simply bringing shame to the HH Dalai Lama and their Guru. Whatever indifference or dissatisfaction, please use a more respectable and justifiable methods.

  14. This is such a disgrace to not only the Tibetan community all around the world, but also painted a rather devilish manner of Buddhism to the world. What this people are doing acted out of the anger and hatred towards Dorje Shugden practitioners, and they are vilifying Buddhism as a whole.

    What are the action is to be taken by H.H Dalai Lama and the CTA regarding this? Such action really degrade Buddhism as a peaceful and loving religion, such attacks causes more bad image to Buddhism.

    If the CTA continues to spread lies and fan the hatred of its peope towards Dorje Shugden pracitioner and which cause so many problem in India, i believe the Indian Government should enforce laws and take the CTA accountable for the problem happening there.

  15. Now, who is the Taliban of Tibetan Buddhism? This is the second attack by anti-Shugden group making the promises in the threat letter of the United Front of the Tibetan People coming true. CTA has remained silent and condoned to the two attacks on Gaden Choling Monastery in Phedong. In the midst of the ban CTA has in many instances incited violence. In the most recent incitation to violence, CTA has posted in its website the 34 peaceful protestors of Shugden ban in Europe Has CTA become theTerrorists of Buddhism? Their action of violence and human rights abuse must be condemned. The ban must be lifted to prevent further violence and disharmony in the Tibetan society.

    The Chinese must be laughing out loud for all the religious conflicts amongst their own people. If given autonomy to Tibet, is CTA capable of self-rule with the present outlook and conflict? The whole world is watching the CTA now. What a disgrace to the Dalai Lama who is on world stage preaching peace, compassion and religious harmony.

  16. Obviously, these people from Tharpa Choling must have gotten full support from the CTA to attack Gaden Choling again! Their intention is no other than desperately wanted to be accepted fully into the anti-DS group and get rich at the same time! Otherwise, they would have attacked Tashi Choling in the same district.

    Gaden Choling is the heart of amomg all Domo Geshe Rinpoche’s ladrangs and probably the one that has the most precious items of the 2 previous incarnations of Domo Geshe Rinpoche. By attacking it, can prove their “devotion” to the Dalai Lama.

    This attacked has been planned and there’s no doubt about it, because they have chosen a day that is easy for their attack. All monks will be busy preparing and conducting the prayers for the late Kusho Pasang-la, they would not be prepared to react to the attack and properly in their vulnerable state emotionally.

    Since the Indian police is involved, clearly is CTA as well! The threat in the letter by Tibetan United People Front is definitely coming true and they’ll join force with whoever to make sure their goal is achieved! Read the letter here!

    This is a clear sign that the time to lifting the ban is closer!

  17. This is indeed very distressing. Apparently law in India is more like gangsters than civilian protection. Monks are doing pujas on such a sad day and they come stir up all this hatred. Seriously, where is the karma? It is very obvious that CTA and HHDL are behind this. Who would DARE attack on a day like this? And how come the police see no fairness? Perhaps the police should not get involved at all since they cannot differentiate the victims from the villains? Police should never be entangled with religion. It is so obvious the police are influenced by the anti-shugden/pro-Dalai Lama hoodlums!

    It is time that this Ban is lifted. I am sure there are people in CTA who cannot possibly be THIS blind??

  18. CTA is a liar. They said they are treating all Tibetan equally, democratic and support religious freedom. However, look at what they have done!!! They are stirring up hatred among the people and fighting against they own Tibetan people just because they practice Dorje Shugden. In addition, they are creating disharmony in India that has kindly let them stayed there.
    The ban must come down. For the peace of Tibetan and world peace!

  19. IT’s so sad to see that the anti Shugden monks together with the lay people invaded Gaden Choling Monastery AGAIN!. How can the monks treat their own Sangha members as such and not only the Sangha members but their own Gurus’s Monastery. Creating disharmony, threat and violent is what we cannot do especially for people holding vows. Where is their Guru devotion to protect their Guru’s belonging & properties? Whether they agree on the Sangha members practicing Lord Shugden doesn’t mean that they can harm them. The CTA involvement has created so much negative action and damages toward the Sangha community. We can see clearly the separation that the Dalai Lama enforced and with CTA carried out the action towards the Shugden practitioners it’s totally against human rights and freedom.

    The second invaded by the monks and lay people to Gaden Choling again during the 49 the prayer for Kusho Pasang showing they have no respect and definitely a plot. CTA has just kept damaging their own country people and keep weaken their community strength. They can stop saying to look for freedom as they don’t even give freedom for their own people for religions practice with what right they request/fight for? With the direction and action of the Tibetan leader will just make the country gone from the sight and what left will be just a history that being a laughing stock of how the Tibetan leader damage their own country.

    The world should know the CTA dirty and cruel action and more people should fight for the ban to be lifted to prove that human right is exist and being practice by all the people in the world for harmony and happiness of all mankind.

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  22. Dalai Lama has always taught about love and compassion. But the action of his followers do not reflect any of this teaching at all. I wonder why!! Look at DS Lama’s and their followers. No matter how irritated we are we still maintain our peaceful ways. I think this said a lot about Shugden followers…

  23. It is very funny that the Anti Dorje Shugden people say, we are spirit worshippers and we are destroying buddhism, but it is clear who is with all this land grab and not allowing prayers to be done for someone who had just passed away.

    Clearly if Dorej Shugden was indeed a spirit where are the powerful fire pujas to destroy Dorje Shugden. Unless he is NOT.

  24. This is so sad to watch Tibetan create so much bad karma for themselves harming their own people and community. These people are blind by their anger and ignorance. Is this the product of Dalai Lama towards World peace?


    How can all these great lamas be so removed from the reality? The scope of his deception must conceal another connection. Something is very wrong with this institution.

  26. It is really sad to see sangha members in the video and all the videos I have watched where lay people verbally and physically abused innocent people. These people have not broken the law of the land yet those anti Dorje Shugden people take actions into their own hands. Surely the Dalai Lama would have heard of such violent actions, yet he remains oblivious and claims he did not receive such reports from his office. With this, the CTA is getting bolder and bolder, using its power and inciting the anti Dorje Shugden group to wreak more havoc on the innocent and peace loving people who just want to be left alone with their Dorje Shugden practice.

    For those sponsors of the Dalai Lama and CTA: Why are you giving your hard earned money to them to continue with this atrocity? Did you sponsor for the growth of dharma or what?

  27. I wonder how Dalai Lama can be such an inconsistent person. When Sri Lankan Buddhist attack Muslims he urged Buddhists to stop violence. He even wrote to Aung San Suu Kyi to urge her to say something about stopping violence.

    But when similar violence occur in his own domain he is silence. Dalai Lama, you know that you are the cause of all these violence. This is not the way I imagine that you will use your fame: to create division among your people, to create separations and hatred within your own community. Please abolish the ban against DS practitioners.

  28. The monks of Tharpa Choling has sold their soul to look politically correct. They abandoned their samaya with their root Guru, Domo Geshe Rinpoche and their lord protector Shugden. Worse, they did not respect the passing of their Lama’s caretaker – Kusho Pasang-la. I cannot believe that such monks exist. What is the point of being monks if you cannot hold your vow and samaya with your guru? Why comply with Dalai Lama? Because he is still alive and more famous? So that you can get more donation? Tharpa Choling monks claimed that Kusho Pasang-la is one of them. But where are they in the hour of need? Have they even think about the detrimental effect on the reputation of Tibetan Buddhism in the eyes of the world and newbies? Disgusting is an understatement!

  29. I hope the court of darjeeling will not fail to reconize who is the owner of His Gonpa, Domo Geshe Yansi,who is under the tutorship of H.H.Triang Yeshe Gyatzo.
    May truth prevail!

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