Tibetan Youths Question Dorje Shugden Ban

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A very short, powerful video of Tibetan students questioning Sikyong Lobsang Sangay and the doubts that have arisen because of the ban on Dorje Shugden. This is a must-watch video to understand what is happening within the Tibetan communities, and how Tibetans are finally speaking up against the ban, and recognising its unfair and undemocratic nature

By: Kay Beswick

The Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV) School

In an effort to appear more open and democratic, the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA; Tibetan leadership) held a question-and-answer session with a group of Tibetan students. Assuming the students would ask questions that gave the leadership a chance to look modern, open and democratic, Sikyong (Prime Minister) Lobsang Sangay soon realised he had severely underestimated the analytical and observant nature of this new generation of Tibetan youth.

When questioned about his administration’s policies towards Shugden practitioners, Lobsang Sangay was obviously irritated and frustrated. The irritation arose from the fact the Tibetan leadership is unused to being questioned by intelligent, educated children who ask questions without any bad intent, but that exposes their lies or forces them to create new untruths to cover their previous ones. That Sikyong Lobsang Sangay was irritated is interesting – if Mr Sangay had nothing to hide, why be irritated at all? Why not just openly and happily answer the questions?

This young man asked excellent and very relevant questions about the inequality that the ban has created amongst the Tibetan people

At best, Lobsang Sangay’s answers were evasive and at worst, they were outright lies. Either way, the Prime Minister was certainly consistent in answering the questions in the same way, by bringing up the topic of ID cards. Lobsang Sangay’s logic was this – if the Tibetan leadership really wished to discriminate against Dorje Shugden practitioners, they would withhold the ID cards. According to Mr Sangay, the fact Dorje Shugden practitioners have their identity cards is proof that religious freedom exists. Unbeknownst to the world, many Tibetans acquire Indian, Nepalese and Bhutanese citizenship or just the passports for the last 30 years. These passports are not difficult to obtain. Using these passports they travel to various countries and within India. This does not need Lobsang Sangay’s or the CTA’s assistance. So no ID cards are necessary for Dorje Shugden practitioners as insisted by the CTA.

Tibet’s next generation are educated at the Tibetan Children’s Village School. Sadly for many of these children, their intellect and potential will be dampened by the lack of opportunities not generated by their leadership

We are not sure what question Mr Sangay was answering, because none of the students questioned the right of Shugden practitioners to have ID cards. For them, it is a given that every Tibetan has a fundamental right to an ID card, being a member of their community. Thus it is astonishing for Lobsang Sangay to even contemplate that it is an appropriate response to withhold someone’s ID card when the person does not worship a state-sanctioned religious deity. It reflects the Tibetan leadership’s very basic understanding of democracy, as well as the methods that they have contemplated to deal with the *Dolgyal issue. In fact, the reality is that when Dorje Shugden practitioners apply for their identity and travel papers, that is when they are identified as Shugden practitioners and thereafter face on-going persecution for their religious worship and faith.

An aerial view of the Tibetan Children’s Village School

The Prime Minister’s answers were full of contradictions, which is unsurprising because they were not the truth. After all, if his answers were truthful then they would never change, being factual in nature. One of the biggest contradictions was the Prime Minister’s claim that the CTA never created a separation between Dorje Shugden practitioners and the Tibetan population. In his answer to Student #2, Lobsang Sangay said that “from our side, no one has never restricted Dhogyal people from whatever they are doing.” Yet, in his answer to Student #3, the Sikyong brought up the existence of a Green Book that prohibits Dorje Shugden worshippers from participating in the Middle Way political process. This prohibition is a separation itself, and it is proven by the CTA’s officially-sanctioned Green Book AND the resolutions passed by the CTA denying Dorje Shugden practitioners’ their rights to freedom of religion, worship and practice. The existence of this Green Book and the resolutions clearly contradicts Lobsang Sangay’s claim that “From our side, no one has never restricted Dhogyal people from whatever they are doing.

When confronted by students about the ban on Dorje Shugden, Prime Minister Lobsang Sangay was visibly irritated by their sincere questions. But why the irritation if what you have to say is the truth?

To Students #1 and #2, Lobsang Sangay said that the separation of the monasteries is a problem. To Student #6, Lobsang Sangay said that the separation reflects the freedom that Shugden practitioners have to open their own monasteries and centres. Does the Sikyong not realise that the separation of the monasteries does NOT show religious freedom? That it shows Shugden monks were forced to leave their monasteries, because they could not practice in peace there? Why open new, smaller institutions and risk a lack of support and funds, and the threat of closure, if they were not forced out of their original monasteries? If they were not expelled, why not just stay in their original institutions with their teachers and friends, and have guaranteed access to shelter and education? It is incredible to think that Lobsang Sangay, a Harvard-educated individual, does not see how many contradictions he presents to his audience in such a short span of time. He does not respect the intelligence of his own Tibetan population. It is also very short-sighted of Mr. Sangay to keep insisting on and promoting the belief that it is religious freedom for the monasteries to separate…when has separation and division ever resulted in growth and unity for any society? If Mr Sangay truly does not “want Tibet become like India and Pakistan”, he should reconsider whether this separation of the monasteries is something he should continue to rejoice in as a sign of religious freedom and progress.

Student #6 also asked Lobsang Sangay about the signs on restaurants and shops discriminating against Dorje Shugden practitioners. Mr Sangay responded saying that the CTA never separated anyone. Yet, Lobsang Sangay never answered the student’s question about the existence of the signs, in the same way his administration remains silent on them. To remain silent on the signs is the CTA giving their indirect approval for them. And why was Lobsang Sangay not able to refute the existence of the signs directly and completely? Why did he avoid the topic? Because he cannot deny the personal experience of the students who saw for themselves the existence of signs banning Shugden practitioners from restaurants and shops.

Student #2 wanted to know if any dialogue had been initiated with Dorje Shugden practitioners. The Sikyong claimed attempts had been made, but was unable to provide proof of such attempts

The Sikyong told the students that the CTA had tried to initiate dialogue with Shugden practitioners “since ‘75, and especially from 1995”. We at DorjeShugden.com would like to request the Sikyong provide proof of such dialogue, or proof of attempts at dialogue. There has never been any proof or record of dialogue with Dorje Shugden practitioners. If the Sikyong wishes to make such claims, DorjeShugden.com requests him to provide correspondence to back up these claims that there have been attempts to initiate dialogue. Up until now, there are no transcripts, audio recordings, video recordings or even photographs that would back up such a statement.

This same request for evidence could be applied to the accusation that Dorje Shugden practitioners commonly face, which is that we receive money from Chinese sources. Student #4 saw through the ridiculous nature of this accusation, telling Lobsang Sangay that Shugden-practicing students are poor (no doubt thanks to the lack of opportunities for their parents due to the discrimination instituted by the leadership). Notice how the Prime Minister does not reply to the student by insisting that the accusation is the truth. If the accusation were true, why does Lobsang Sangay not stick to that accusation as an answer? Why does he change his answer to say that Dorje Shugden practitioners are intent on “harming the name and fame of the Dalai Lama”? One cannot help but wonder if Lobsang Sangay was reluctant to insist on the accusation, because he was nervous that the student might ask him to provide proof of these accusations.

Should Tibet gain autonomy, the CTA will have to rethink their ban on Dorje Shugden which does not match the Chinese government’s policies on religious freedom

In fact, the CTA may wish to consider a change in strategy towards the Dorje Shugden ban. Since they claim that China is behind the protests, why not release the ban (therefore ending the protests) and see how the Chinese government reacts? Since the Tibetan leadership is keen to be a thorn in the Chinese government’s side, removing the cause of the protests altogether (by releasing the ban) will mean that the Chinese leadership no longer has any alleged influence on the Tibetans who practice Dorje Shugden.

The Tibetan leadership also need to consider how they will continue implementing the ban in Tibet should they be granted the autonomy they clamour for. China practices religious freedom and allows Dorje Shugden practice. Therefore if China grants autonomy to the Tibetans, it will mean that the Tibetan leadership’s ban of Dorje Shugden will have no meaning or real power; being the larger nation, China’s policies override those of the Tibetan leadership’s. What will happen then? Will the Tibetan leadership release the ban on Dorje Shugden, or insist that the Chinese allow them to continue banning this deity and thus risk offending the Chinese leadership? The Tibetan leadership needs examine whether their policies on individual issues contribute effectively to their larger goal of autonomy.

Since it is clear that Shugden practitioners are not receiving money from Chinese sources, supporters of the Tibetan leadership’s ban also need to contemplate what benefit there is for Shugden practitioners to continue protesting against the leadership. First, it makes Dorje Shugden practitioners look unreasonable in the eyes of the people who blindly support the Dalai Lama. Second, as demonstrated by Student #4’s experience, Dorje Shugden practitioners do not receive a financial reward for the protests. Since Dorje Shugden practitioners gain neither fame nor money from the protests, what other reason would there be for them to protest, if not because of the suppression, discrimination and ostracization that they suffer because of the illegal ban?

The Tibetan leadership constantly accuse Dorje Shugden practitioners of receiving money from Chinese sources. However, their own lack of financial transparency is disconcerting and maybe questions should be asked about how the leadership funds their work and activities such as the ban on Dorje Shugden

These protests just may grow and if the Tibetan leadership is not careful, may even begin to include more and more Tibetan youth. After all, as demonstrated by this group who confronted Lobsang Sangay, the new generation of Tibetans will not be as afraid or blinded by the CTA or the Dalai Lama. Student #6 in fact, had the courage to politely demand Mr Sangay to consider that “Dhogyal people are also Tibetan, and they have Tibetan blood and bones. Being Tibetan, give them rights to religion. Even in India has this rights called “secularism ethic” so, I think we should also follow that rules.

It is personal experience of the ban here that has given the students the upper hand in exposing the Tibetan leadership’s hypocrisy and lies in their answers. Students were not only asking questions but they were explaining their own personal experience about their Dorje Shugden friends being persecuted and oppressed. Therefore at the ground level, there are persecutions that Tibetans can see for themselves despite the CTA’s denials, and young Tibetans are increasingly unhappy about the disunity being generated by the ban. As the Tibetan youth continue to be more exposed, they are getting braver in seeking justice for ALL of their Tibetan brothers and sisters, and not just for non-Shugden worshippers.

The problem is that there is no culture of questioning authority in Tibetan society. And the problem for Lobsang Sangay is that these were just children asking innocent, yet analytical, questions without any motivation to shame their leadership. Yet, when faced up against such innocence, the Tibetan leadership had no choice but to expose their hypocrisy and lies once again. The other problem for Lobsang Sangay is how respectful these children were of the Dalai Lama. It meant Lobsang Sangay was unable to accuse them of being against the Dalai Lama, although they asked questions he did not like, because they demonstrated traditional Tibetan etiquette of revering the Dalai Lama. The fact they were all also fully Tibetan meant Lobsang Sangay could not accuse them of being foreigners with a poor understanding of Tibetan society.

Sikyong Lobsang Sangay arriving at the Tibetan Children’s Village School. Such warm welcomes may become a thing of the past if the Tibetan leadership continue to lie to their next generation

It is refreshing to see intelligent young Tibetans compare the CTA’s farcical democracy and those of other genuine democracies. The CTA’s version of democracy could never compare. Why are large sectors of Tibetan people segregated and marginalized due to their religious practice? The youths can see in India where most were born and raised, that no such democracy exists in Tibetan society. Within the Indian society, religion is not an issue and the government never interferes with the religious beliefs of its population. The CTA located in Dharamsala, North India has not learned genuine democracy from their host country in the 50 over years they have been there. However the 150,000 Tibetan exiles in India, especially the educated new generation, are seeing through the untruths. The CTA is losing their grip as we can see clearly in this video. In simple terms, this video was another huge public relations disaster for Prime Minister Lobsang Sangay, their ban and CTA. It does not show democracy but how their lies are being questioned.

After the passing of the Dalai Lama, which we hope will not be soon, the Tibetan youth will not care regarding “Dolgyal” and the old way of doing things. As it is, with the Dalai Lama alive, they are already seeing through the lies and deception, and they are questioning the establishment now. The more the CTA lies, the more these youth will realise their leadership is hypocritical. In this way, the CTA are being short-sighted by undermining their own power base, and disillusioning the people who will vote for them in the future. In fact, if the CTA was smart, they would court these youngsters by being open, honest and a true democracy, to build support for the future. If the Tibetan leadership wishes to make democracy a reality in Tibetan society, they have to be prepared to be confronted by questions from Tibetans who are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lies and hypocrisy that their leaders feed to them. The first step to this would be the lifting of the unfair, illegal and undemocratic ban against Dorje Shugden practice. The ban must come down now.

*Dolgyal is the Tibetan leadership’s derogatory way for referring to Dorje Shugden



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  1. Harvard graduate or not, you cannot defend a ban that has no foundation but air. Unless of course you are HHTDL who is Chenrezig and has the profound wisdom of Buddha.

    There will never be a an open dialogue between DS practitioners and leaders in CTA because it is a guaranteed lost for CTA. Young Tibetans today have access to the internet and various means to find out about the truth instead of just relying on being told what the truth is. The next generation is changing and CTA does not stand a chance against this new generation. There will come a time where CTA will have no choice but to yield to the public who already has little respect for the administrative competency of CTA.

  2. 当我听到zang ren行政中央总理说, “如果我们真的要区别多杰雄登修行者,我们有能力或权力,以消除那些权利,但我们还没有做到这一点”, 这里的“权利”是指IC/ID 卡(身份证)、进入学校、居留等。

    这八个字“我们有能力或权力”,他们真的证明了他们的“能力或权力”,看看最近`zang ren行政中央在他们的官方网站把示威人士的照片、名字,甚至是家里的地址给公布开来。

    zang ren行政中央总理说“没有限制多杰雄登修行者做任何事情”,为什么多杰雄登修行者不能上大海喇嘛的课? 还有很多其他限制,难道他不知吗?有这可能吗?

    zang ren行政中央应问自己为什么,为什么青少年会问这个问题,而很明显的他们所问为了西藏的团结,但洛桑森格的脸上露出的是不耐烦和不舒服,为什么不耐烦?你们认为呢?

  3. I am happy to see young Tibetans or any young people in the world care about their country and brave enough to question and asking for clarification and answers. After watching the video, I have some points to make:

    1. I noticed that the students use the term “Dhogyal”, which is a derogatory term when referring to Dorje Shugden issue, with the motivation they concern is unity of Tibet and Tibetan. The term they are using showed they did not talk from or take the side of DS practisioners.

    To angry with your people, especially young people who sincerely care about their country and people is ridiculous. Expect you are guilty with whatever they talked about the ban, the discrimination of DS practisioners.

    2. On issue of DS ban, of course CTA is trying and trying hard, but not to communicate to solve the problem, but simply to penalize DS practisioners, with the power and mandate given by the Tibetan people. This is a shame of an elected government.

    3. Any complaints DS practisoners “accuse” of CTA or Dalai Lama, coincidentally same as the Chinese government, does not necessary make the fact DS practisoners are in the same group or have connection or working together with Chinese government to against CTA. The accusation of DS practsioners on Dalai Lama or CTA for being discrimination, bias, undemocratic in their policy to prosecute DS practisioners, is based on the bias policy and cruel action of CTA; and this can be made by anyone knowing the truth face of CTA, with proof provided, not only DS practioners. The simple logic and reasoning of Sikyong Lobsang Sangey is weird and was twisted, I guess with the intention to fool the world.

    4. Blatantly said CTA has the right to deprived of the DS pratisioners of their IC, green book and right to settle in India, but CTA is “kind” and did not do that even they accuse Dalai Lama as lying to the world. Is CTA or Sikyong Lobsang Sangey prepares to discriminate (actually they are doing it) DS practisoners even more openly if the world is not watching closely? It’s weird to have a leader elected by his people to talk in this way…

    5. It’s a “relief” to hear a student having the awareness and voice it out, it’s the mistake of the society not Dalai Lama to discriminate or separate DS practioners with non DS, by not allowing DS practioners to enter restaurants or stores. And we are all as Tibetans who struggle out of Tibet.

    By keep saying CTA never discriminate DS practioners and practise religion freedom is all empty words, if CTA never stop make any small effort or penalise non DS restaurants or stores of people against DS people. It is same as saying “murdering is not allow in this country”, but you never stop, arrest or punish murderer who against the law. In this case, CTA is to consent tacitly non DS Tibetans to against the law and spirit of religious freedom! Hence, CTA is fail to play its role as the government whose responsible is to protect her people, of any sects or political opinions. This is a government losing its mandate, its respect and dignity to protect her people and the law.

  4. Children are the future of humankind and it is wonderful to see educated Tibetan children asking logical questions without actually taking sides. If there is really no ban enforced on the teaching and practice of Dorje Shugden then these children would not have asked so many questions pertaining to the ban and religious freedom. The CTA kept quiet and turned a blind eye to so many segregation and inhumane actions taken by the anti Shugden people against those Tibetans who want to do Shugden practice. It is akin to condoning those actions taken by anti Shugden people and saying that it is all right. Instead of uniting its people as one nation, one Tibetan, CTA is splitting their own kind into two halves, all because of what the Dalai Lama said, which infringes on the Tibetan people’s religious freedom. CTA could and should have used those effort, time, human and financial resources for the bigger picture, autonomy. After all, this is what Dalai Lama wanted.

  5. 为了证明自己是个‘开放‘’的政府,zang ren行政中心也很用心的搞了这样的宣传。所谓真的假不了,假的真不了! 虚假的回应和回答更暴露出他们欺压雄登修持者的行为和意图。开心看到年轻一代的藏人,对身边所看到的不公平,不公正,不人道的政策敢于发声,并且表达他们热爱藏族人的团结与和平共处的基本观念。向强权发声,要求自由民主,是大学生和年轻人们的骄傲。

  6. To me why D.L.cannot lift the ban on DS is ,if he does it. his supreme political n spiritual power over his Tibetan people will be crushed. In history, the dalai lamas were supreme leaders of Tibet.The 14th DL has already lost Tibet .Now he is not going to lose whatever power he still has when his security depends on his host nation n sponsored nations.
    DS had been a threat to DL’s lineage since the 5th DL’s time.Now the threat is all overpowering.Therefore all effort must be made to suppress DS.
    Why must DS ban be lifted? The lies n harm inflicted by DL n CTA against DS are increasing in intensity.The world cannot be deceived as NKT,the DS.com n the growing number of analytical minded Tibetan students abroad are all fighting for the lifting of DS ban.The world cannot be deceived because all proofs of the harm n hypocrisy enacted by DL n CTA against DS cannot be hidden from the net n modern technology. Now NKT is hitting real hard at the validity of the Nobel Peace award given to DL. DL is no longer controlling his people in an isolated secluded Tibet anymore. It is a dream of the past. The growing forceful voice of the newly emerging intelligent Tibetan students, the DS.com n very importantly, NKT thrashing on the undeserved Peace award given to DL are all going to work simultaneously ,like a huge tsunami crashing on DL n CTA n bringing down the ban on DS.

  7. Dorje Shugden is no threat to the Dali Lama’s lineage!!! The Dalai Lama’s lineage is the lineage of Je Tsongkhapa and Dorje Shugden is its principle Protector. Dorje Shugden poses no threat to any other lineage either. There is no proof for this. He is Manjushri! Please please stop this nonsense.

  8. Indeed is good news for DS practitioner who leave in Tibet and India, these group of youngsters who are expose to social media in all around the world I m sure they know what is going on in the world all the protest that happen lately also show them whatever the CTA do to the DS practitioner is very unfair we can see from the video the Sikyong Lobsang Sangay not very happy about the question I think he feel irritated. We really need more of this Tibetan people who help their own people the treatment is really unfair.

  9. If the CTA intend to have anymore such dialogues it is highly advisable that they get a PR person to manage the words of Lobsang Sangay. If I was him, I would shoot myself after this display of complete idiocy. He lacked competence and respect. I can imagine now the Tibetans youth are certain there would never be an independent Tibet, especially after seeing how unfair and liars the CTA are. Sigh.

    Have more such dialogues CTA, please do. Be a mockery further. Let your people know why they should never ever trust you!

    I pray for a movement from these intelligent youth to lift the Ban!

  10. The young boy nice questions about for Chinese money
    , but CTA PM not answer Ha ha ha ha

  11. The prime minister can really lie in front of hundreds of student, and he think those young people is stupid and don’t dare to speak up. The truth is out there, and everyone knows, Dorjeshugden.com is full of evidence on how CTA has discriminated and directly harm their own people who practicing Dorje Shugden. The prime minister should be jailed!

  12. I am Tibetan and the subtitles you put on the video is very accurate and perfect. You have very good translators. My English speaking friends were very interested to see this interaction and with subtitles they can understand.



  14. It’s very simple. As I see it, HDDL is ‘…just a monk’, as he has been saying for a while. And as an ordinary human being, he has become addicted to the love/attention and money that a naiive populace has been showering upon him…thinking that he is a God. No one should be put in that position! But he has and now he fears that he will lose all this love/attention and money, lose his following…to a true Dharma Protector, Dorje Shugden.

  15. @Shambola, Why are you saying like this?

  16. Shut up Cunt!!

  17. The Sikyong really did horribly and showed impatient and tried to stream rolled his way through without really answering the questions. He was caught by more than one of the Tibetan youth about the “Chinese money” and the signs in front of shops that discriminate against Shugden practitioners but the Sikyong in his stupidity wasn’t even prepared to provide a proper answer. Importantly, this session must have left these youth plenty of dissatisfaction and doubts. CTA needs to be careful. Youth are leaders of the future. You cannot lie to them. But then the whole basis of the ban is a lie. So it is inevitable that the lie will be seen thought and the truth will prevail. And it will not be long.

  18. if you really know tibetan then you will clearly hear what CTA was saying. The subtitle of video is not full and is bias cutting critical answer. Also here they are putting misleading information.. ok for all those who don’t know tibetan cause the in video discussion are all in tibetan i will clarify all ..
    CTA and His holiness Dalai lama has never ban shugden.. intact they were given monastry to do their religion.
    CTA has given identity card to all tibetan (including shugden follower) , rc and ic which is needed to stay in India. Also CTA has allowed shugden follower to go any where including school and hospital , everywhere. So there no Ban at all. Why still you all creating misinformation.. We all are tibetan and need to be unity.

  19. ..these beatiful young people!! I do hope they did’nt get problems after this

  20. You are all evil Chinese!!
    His Holiness the Dalai Lama is the most peaceful Buddha heart being! Dorje Shugden worship is angry and evil! After many years of study, it is true that I see the anger of DS and how the people who worship this dark and angry idol are also very mean and bitter beings! Shugden worship is called very bad and His Holiness is correct to say that if you wish to worship DS then he is not your Guru!! This is a simple choice! If you so desperate to worship DS, then no one prevents you!! Leave His Holiness alone and leave the peaceful followers of His Holiness alone!!! Your actions are very clear anger from so much evil Shugden worship!

  21. Some information on Dorje Shugden taken from Wikipedia. This is a highly complex issue and not easy to decipher, unless you have vast amounts of knowledge and experience in Tibetan Buddhism. If you are from outside of Tibet, its a very tough to get your head around. Religious freedoms are their , but the public are easily corrupted by dodgy teachings, interpretations and propaganda. (Hello China!) Research much, experience much, judge little. Even better, go to Mcleod Ganj and visit the Dalai Lama. Ask a high Lama in the Gelug lineage to explain things from their point of view. Merge both sides to find peace and peace we shall find. Free Tibet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Persecution by Phabongkha and his disciples[edit]
    David Kay notes that Dorje Shugden was a key element in Pabongkhapa Déchen Nyingpo’s persecution of the Rimé movement:

    As the Gelug agent of the Tibetan government in Kham (Khams) (Eastern Tibet), and in response to the Rimed movement that had originated and was flowering in that region, Phabongkha Rinpoche and his disciples employed repressive measures against non-Gelug sects. Religious artefacts associated with Padmasambhava – who is revered as a ‘second Buddha’ by Nyingma practitioners – were destroyed, and non-Gelug, and particularly Nyingma, monasteries were forcibly converted to the Gelug position. A key element of Phabongkha Rinpoche’s outlook was the cult of the protective deity Dorje Shugden, which he married to the idea of Gelug exclusivism and employed against other traditions as well as against those within the Gelug who had eclectic tendencies.[16]

    His teaching tour of Kham in 1938 was a seminal phase, leading to a hardening of his exclusivism and the adoption of a militantly sectarian stance. In reaction to the flourishing Rimed movement and the perceived decline of Gelug monasteries in that region, Phabongkha and his disciples spearheaded a revival movement, promoting the supremacy of the Gelug as the only pure tradition. He now regarded the inclusivism of Gelug monks who practised according to the teachings of other schools as a threat to the integrity of the Gelug tradition, and he aggressively opposed the influence of other traditions, particularly the Nyingma, whose teachings were deemed mistaken and deceptive. A key element of Phabongkha’s revival movement was the practice of relying upon Dorje Shugden, the main function of the deity now being presented as “the protection of the Ge-luk tradition through violent means, even including the killing of its enemies.”[17]

    Ironically the Rimé movement, primarily composed of the Sakya, Kagyu and Nyingma schools, arose in the first place as a result of Gelug persecution.[18]

  22. my Name is Tenzin Ngodup, i am non shugden group, shugden peoples making problems that i see clearly and i also see non shugden Tibetan peoples also making problem to the shugden people. that is not good too. so we are same as them. i think to using bad words to them and counting separate to them is wrong, it makes problem to them thatswhy they are making problem to us. if we dont make any problem to them then at what point they point to us. so i think we counting them as bad peoples is most wrong thing. i m very sorry my english is poor. hope everybody understand what i trying to say. Tasha deleck. bod gyalo!!! long live dalai lama.

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.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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