Author Topic: 3 feet beautiful wood carved & colored Dorje Shugden invited to a home in China!  (Read 6817 times)


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Hi All,

I thought I shared with you good news from mainland China!

A local Chinese businessman from Zhejiang just commissioned a wooden colored Dorje Shugden statue to be made the main object of veneration in his home altar!

This pic was just sent to me and I thought I should share with everyone to rejoice that the lord protector Dorje Shugden is spreading in the Land of the Dragon!

Harry Nephew

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Thank you H1N1 for sharing this pic and the news with us.

It is certainly great to hear this, and collectively we create the merits for the ban to be lifted soon. Anything virtuous and that will benefit many will require huge stock of merits.

I hope this businessman will invite another DS statue in his office or factory for his staff to make offerings and make the connection.


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This is a fantastic sculpture! Thanks for sharing it. I certainly rejoice for the merits received by both the person who commissioned it and the person who sculpted it. Do you know if it was expensive? I would love to have a Dorje Shugden statue on my altar but I haven't found anywhere to get one yet. I hope the Online Shop for this website comes up soon, though depending on where they are shipping from, the freight could be a killer.

Anyway in the meantime, wonderful to enjoy photos like these!

Kate Walker - a wannabe wisdom Being


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Wow! This is a very beautiful statue of Dorje Shugden. The colours are so nice and vibrant. It must have taken a lot of time and love to finish this statue from a block of wood. The statue carver must be so blessed to have been commissioned to do this work. And imprints would have been planted into his mind.

Also this statue is being done in China, it may be a sign of Dorje Shugden practice blossoming in China. I hope there will more of this statue be duplicated in various sizes and sold to many in China. Having a statue would definitely help in visualisation when doing daily sadhana or meditation. What more a statue so BIG!!!

I wonder how much it is and how long does it take to finish the statue. Hmmm......


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Thanks to the smart tactics of HH Dalai Lama, Dorje Shugden is now really florishing in China. Rejoice!!

I wish the owner of this website will receive more photos around the world and then publish the photos here.

All Dorje Shugde practitioners should do extra work so that the ban can be lifted even earlier!!


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I remember I read from a book sometime ago regarding about statue consecration, when we insert mantra into the statue, it will multiply the merits we get when making offering to the statue, the bigger the statue is, the more mantra can be inserted, I guess the amount of merits that person collected must be a lot, so just imagine if this 3 feet Dorje Shugden is fully filled with mantras, how much blessing and merits he/she generated. How wonderful to see this…

By the way, I wonder is this statue allowed to insert mantra or not… hehe


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It seems like more and more chinese are adopting Dorje Shugden's practice.  It is a good sign as China needs Dharma badly, not to bring them down but their over populated country, try to make ends meet lifestyle has pushed them into material gain, power and wealth.  Buddhism has always been the most profound and important religion in China for decades along with the beautiful Chinese culture.  Therefore it is now the time to revive Buddhism practice like the older days now because the world is degenerating.  It will benefit tremendously the next generation to come.  Seeing this Dorje Shugden statue being invited into a China family makes me very happy.  I am looking forward to hear from other families too! :)


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This image is inspiring and well made. Thanks for sharing so much.


Gabby Potter

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This is such a good news! May Lord Dorje Shugden's sacred practise continue to benefit more lives, may more people have the privilege to get to know about this sacred practise and may Dorje Shugden's practise spread far & wide. Thank you for sharing the picture, I rejoice! :)


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I feel so blessed to even hear that this enlightened Protector has been invited to a home in China. To see how someone has developed faith and believe in the teachings to want this protector's blessings in their home. By this one act, many people like the artist, and the family members will have imprints and connection to this most accessible of protector. May they always be blessed by the 3 Jewels.

Dondrup Shugden

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Thank you for sharing.  It is always a blessing to have the opportunity to set our eyes on images of our sacred Protector.

May more and more images of Dorje Shugden don homes, offices and public places to bless the sentient being and environment.


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The bigger the better, I would think this is what the businessman would have thought of. It cannot be deny that the merits created from offering large beautiful Buddha statues is much more.

Also China has built many large Buddhas statue and I think the country is receiving the beneficial effects of Buddhas now and further more in the future.


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It is rejoicing to know that this Chinese businessman invited this three feet beautifully crafted Dorje Shugden to his home. It is sure sign that Dorje Shugden has helped and blessed this businessman.

Dorje Shugden is widely practiced in China. In fact there is a big Chinese Temple spreading Dorje Shugden in China.

May more be blessed by Dorje Shugden!