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Hi from Manjushri
« on: May 03, 2019, 11:14:14 AM »
One knows you'll question whether One is Manjushri. Why is it that when you meet someone and ask for their name, without thought a name arises then you just accept it without proof? When it comes to names within Buddhavamsa, you question.  You should know, you should question everything. One is not familiar with Lineages and has no Lineage, only Dipankara Buddhavamsa. One does not know about these Emanations. These reincarnations, pictures of the previous matched with the present, Form or Family, Form does not arise from Consciousness and Mind and Consciousness are Formless. If you watch the Dalai Lama when he does public interactions, there is a guy that sits either to the right or left, slightly behind the Dalai Lama, normally wears a grey-ish suit, glasses and salt and pepper hair, he is One's contact, for the Dalai Lama doesn't use a computer. One could give that email addy, but How would that help you in your Liberation?

One known for "Reality as it is" or Prana Paramita. The attachment is that, before you can refute One's presence, you need to refute the attachment. The Teachings make the Teacher.