Author Topic: Tibetan Cause goes downhill? No more uprising from the Tibetans in India  (Read 12393 times)


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For the past 60 years, Tibetans have been very patient and loyal to their government, but now obviously they have given up. More and more Tibetans have proved their disappointment through real actions. Each years, not only less and less Tibetans coming from Tibet to India, but many have migrated to Europe, America and other countries. Recent trend also shows that more are planning to go back China. Other than that, for those who want to stay in India, the Indian government has also made the application process easy for the Tibetans to get their Indian passport. And Tibetans are not afraid to openly admit that they welcome it.

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No Tibetans believe in the Tibetan Cause anymore. There will be no more Tibetans in exile soon since most of them are getting their citizenship in India and elsewhere. They see clearly now their Sikyong is useless and he is no way near the Dalai Lama's abilities. They know if they continue to believe in the Tibetan Cause, they will end up being used by the CTA for their benefits. So, it makes sense why the Coca Cola van is bigger than the people who attended the March 10 uprising event.

I am not surprised that no Tibetans believe in Tibet cause and the CTA anymore. After 60 years of struggle, the Tibetans in India are still refugees, the CTA is not telling the Tibetans what is their plan to free Tibet, when do they expect to achieve their goal and how are they going to achieve it. On top of that, many Tibetans in India are still living in poverty. On the other hand, the living standard and condition of the Tibetans in Tibet are so much better. They have better education and career opportunities, they can work in the government sector or the private sector. They can own property and they are well taken care of by the Chinese government. In 2018, the poverty rate in Tibet has fallen to about 8% from 35% in the time span of 5 years. The CTA will not be able to give the Tibetans a better future, it is a fact. Therefore, it is better to move on and not putting hope in the Tibet cause anymore.


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The main event was in Dharamsala. The Dalai Lama was in Dharamsala and had lunch with the international "VIPs" BUT HE DIDN'T ATTEND THE EVENT!


The event commemorates the 1959 Tibetan uprising against the presence of the People's Republic of China in Tibet. BUT what has changed since the so-called protest or uprising? The support for Tibetan cause is just getting weaker by the day. Look at how many countries are avoiding the Dalai Lama, and the list keeps growing!
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This just shows that people have lost their hope in the free Tibet movement. Who won't if after 60 years there is still no progress. The CTA has not delivered anything significant to the Tibetan community in the exile community in the past 60 years, who will still believe they can deliver something as big as free Tibet in 5 or 10 years? People have moved on to find their own better future, we will see next year even fewer people will attend the uprising anniversary.


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Tibetans might as well invest their energy and time on their future... China and no one would blame them. How far can they go with the current useless, fake, sexual scandal government? Smart Tibetans are already leaving the Dalai Lama and taking up Indian citizenship. They are no longer being loyal and following the Dalai Lama. They would rather leave the Dalai Lama as a refugee and they become citizens of other countries and be part of another nation. So definitely, Tibetan Cause is going downhill big time and soon it will disappear entirely. 


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Notice that these people do not even have enough hands to raise the flags. Compared to 2018, this year's uprising day celebration is really pathetic with a handful of people and more flags than people. Coke has definitely made a wrong estimation to have sent such a huge truck there with no one to serve. They were lucky to have received some media coverage but it surely didn't serve their purpose!


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Tibetans are now even too lazy to wave the Tibetan flag themselves. They just attached it to some device while they stand there pretending to protest. I don't see the passion anymore and I guess either they are paid to do this or they are forced to do this. Since no one is passionate about the cause anymore, why even bother to hold a rally?

It is a waste of time and energy to fight for a failed cause. They should channel the same energy and passion into something that is beneficial that can actually bring positive results into their life. Anything associated with the Tibetan government is just a huge disappointment.

The decreasing number of Tibetans who showed up at the event shows that Tibetans generally are losing faith and the passion for Tibet cause already. Many of them had moved on with their lives and not be stagnant. I guess a lot of them are disappointed in the Tibetan government because until now there is no progress at all for the cause.