Author Topic: If Lobsang Sangay was smart...  (Read 21922 times)


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Re: If Lobsang Sangay was smart...
« Reply #30 on: July 30, 2019, 01:22:45 PM »
Anyone saw the what Lobsang Sangay did for his court hearing? He didn't even bother to attend and just send a representative to the hearing. How arrogant this guy can be? He disrespects the court and the law and does things according to his convenience.

This is a guy that is supposed to be the example for every Tibetans to follow. He is the president of the exiled government and yet he acts like a child for disrespecting the law does things according to his mood. I guess he has been the president for too long and he forgot about how he was being elected to be the president in the first place.

However, looking at his accomplishment for the past years of him being the president, there is nothing for him to be arrogant about. There is nothing that he had done that truly benefitted the public.

Well, the title says it all "If Lobsang Sangay was smart..." which we had established he is NOT! If he was smart, he would have shared some of the wealth from sponsorships with his people to gain their loyalty. If he was smart, he would have known that reliance on western donations will dwindle in time and start making overtures to China. If he was smart, he would see the Dalai Lama is Cherenzig and listened to his advice to help his people return to Tibet where the standard of living is rising rapidly due to heavy investment by China into Tibet. If he was smart, he would have created a power base for himself riding on the Dalai Lama's tail and not rely on the Dalai Lama's charisma long term. So Lobsang Sangay is not smart at all. Now with more and more visiting Dorje Shugden related websites to learn the truth of his lies, just like some Sakya monks are doing in Nepal, he has no control and all his words will not be trusted again. He is dumb as he still does not see he is losing his powers over his own people. Never build any loyalty.

I do not understand why the Tibetans are still loyal to him when he did not do anything for them. He has been their president for a few years now and what did he do? He did nothing for the benefit of the Tibetans other than publishing anti-Dorje Shugden book and manual for Self-immolation.

What kind of president encourages his own citizens to suicide by lighting themselves on fire? He is doing it for the money. Tibetans self-immolating can generate a lot of foreign attention onto the Tibetan cause which can get a lot of donations.

Tibetan will never be able to go back to Tibet with such leadership because of the leadership as working for their own benefit and not the Tibetan cause. That is why the Tibetan has been a refugee for 60 years and still no progress.

I think it is because the tradition of Tibetans are very insulated and mostly information are by word of mouth. However, now more are opening up due to exposure to the internet and speed of information travel is instant. I would say that they are big users of social media, and find news online. The greatest obstacles now would be language and that is also being taken care of as younger generations are learning through their schooling. This way, the younger generations will learn more and then pass on the information to the older generation. They are able to go either sides to learn the truth online and CTA has no control over this whatsoever. Already in the grapevine are some Sakya monks in Nepal visiting Dorje Shugden related websites for information and Dharma teachings daily. Soon more will do the same and the truth will be known to everyone and CTA's words will always be doubted. CTA will no longer have any control over their people. Lol!


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Re: If Lobsang Sangay was smart...
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Even if Lobsang Sangay were smart enough to work together with China, he would still be a corrupt politician and a traitor, and therefore would try to steal the profits coming from the helium gas exploration for himself and his cronies while denationalizing these and other resources in favor of Western predatory companies.