Author Topic: Vajrasadhu only protects Nyingma and Kagyu, is HE sectarian?  (Read 4453 times)


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Some of you might be familiar with this protector but I wasn't. At least not until yesterday when I read about Vajrasadhu. He's sworn to protect only the Nyingma and Kagyu schools but as far as I can tell, there are no accusations of 'sectarianism' against him. On the other hand, Dorje Shugden who is known as a 'Gelug' protector, is accused of being sectarian.

Now this troubles me. We all know about the double standards and hypocritical expectations that the Tibeatn leadership enforces on Gelug practitioners but surely anyone with a modicum of common sense can see the hypocrisy in this. To accuse one protector of being sectarian, when he is just doing the exact same thing as another protector (who does not face these accusations) just goes beyond the pale.

While we're at this juncture, are Vajrasadhu practitioners anti-Tibetan too? Are they supported by the Chinese leadership? Let us apply the same logic that's forced upon Shugden practitioners: Vajrasadhu adherents must definitely be paid by China because they only focus on two lineages (and not four) and hence they are all out to split the Tibetan community.

If Vajrasadhu practitioners find this accusation ludicrous, imagine how Dorje Shugden practitioners feel!


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Re: Vajrasadhu only protects Nyingma and Kagyu, is HE sectarian?
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According to Nyingma and Kagyu own standards, as applied to Dorje Shugden, their protector Vajrasadhu is a sectarian protector, and therefore they are sectarian themselves.

In other words, such Nyingmapas and Kagyupas maliciously accuse others, such as Gelugpas and Shugdenpas, of their own sectarianism, in a dirty attempt to cover it.

And why are such Nyingmapas and Kagyupas so sectarianist, and so immoral? Because their motivation is purely political, and they see Gelugpas as an obstacle to their political aims.