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Happy Je Tsongkapa's Day!
« on: December 11, 2009, 05:54:48 AM »
     Dear friends, with the first lights of this day, 25th day of the lunar month, comes Je Tsongkapa’s day, a great opportunity to remember the kindness of our sublime Teacher and to create a huge amount of merit through our practice.
     Congratulating us all for this wonderful and holy date, I wish that we all decide to devote more time of our fortunate lives to study, contemplation and meditation, following the peerless teachings and example of Mañjushri Tsonkapa Losang Dragpa.

     Happy Je Tsongkapa’s Day! May I encounter the teachings of Je Tsongkapa in all my lives!

A small token of his treasury of Dharma (from Lamrim Chenmo and Praise to the Buddha):

     Consider that just as you yourself have fallen into the ocean of cyclic existence, so have all beings, your mothers. Train in the mind of enlightenment, rooted in love and compassion, and make effort to develop it as much as you can.

* * *
Whatever problems there are in the world
Have ignorance as their root.
That ignorance, you taught,
Is destroyed by perceiving dependent arising.


What method of instruction is
More marvelous than that which teaches:
“Whatever depends upon causes
is empty of inherent existence?”


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Re: Happy Je Tsongkapa's Day!
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Wonderful!! Thank You!!