Author Topic: HYPOCRISY. Lama Zopa receives transmission of Trijang Rinpoches collected works  (Read 3074 times)


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This happened a little while ago (Jan 16, 2014) but I was wondering if anyone recognises the hypocrisy of this. Lama Zopa appears "faithful" because he is receiving an oral transmission of the collected works of Trijang Rinpoche... yet he abandoned Shugden, one of Trijang Rinpoches practices.

My questions are as follows

1) did the oral transmission include Shugden since that forms part of the corpus of Trijang Rinpoches teachings?

2) does Lama Zopa and his students honestly think they received any kind of blessings or transmissions after how they abandoned Shugden at FPMT to chase after political correctness and money?

Views, thoughts?
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