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The character of anti-Shugden people
« on: August 19, 2014, 06:56:13 AM »
I'm sorry to have to do this - I truly am - but these people spend so much of their time defaming people's characters and everyone should know what kind of people they are so they can understand why these people behave in the way they do. It's important because it shows there's no credibility or integrity to their comments.

The sick thing is Robert Helms acknowledges it's him in the links below and he doesn't see the slightest problem with it. He claims it's alright for him to participate in those sites because he's not a monk. Monk or not, he clearly has a gross attachment to sex, which points to a very base mind. His being alright with the perpetuation of the sex industry and exploitation of women is just wrong. It tells you what kind of character he is and I really wonder how his girlfriend feels about it. Robert, please stop brushing off the fact you aren't a very nice person.

On top of that, the people on the We Need to Talk About Shugden group defend him and his actions, as though it's all okay. I guess stranger things have happened.

I just want to let them know that before they throw stones in glasshouses, they should take heed of their own characters and work on their own lack of virtues instead of focusing on other people all of the time. Maybe then they would be less unhappy and insecure about themselves.


Hey Carol McQuire (from the Facebook group We Need to Talk About Shugden),

You court some interesting people for your cause. Just wanted to let you know that your good online friend Robert Helms is a bit of a porn aficionado. He left these comments under the handle ‘RJHelms84? in 2013 on these websites:

You can check his own Facebook gaming page to see that that really is his username:

He was also temporarily banned from an online forum, after being warned about his use of profanity on their chat:

Between him and Siling Tongkhor (the monk who has “improper relations” and bribes the younger ones to remain quiet), you may want to be a little more discerning when selecting people to support and represent you and your beliefs. Cavorting with those who are less-than-virtuous is a stain on whatever reputation you have.

Posted by Michael Winder on

and Let's not forget what is being said about Siling Tongkhor Tulku of Sera Mey Monastery.

It’s amazing, when you go to WEE NEED TO TALK ABOUT SHUGDEN facebook page:

1. It’s just a few persons talking back and forth. They all repeat the same thing. My friends found that very negative. They all hate NKT and that is it. We must go beyond that already. I am sure Carol McQuire has suffered as she perceived and I respect that. But I would highly recommend her to get professional help if that is the case. I don’t mean disrespect to her in anyway by suggesting this. Creating a survivors page will not go far at all. Carol is clearly suffering from her experiences in NKT as you can see she is always repeating her verbalizations on her page about her experiences. It seems like hatred. Those who support her should not encourage this behavior but help her to get help. Peace to her.

2. There is a Sera Mey monk Siling Tongkhor from Rongpo khamtsen that visits that page and comments often and Carol and supporters must becareful of him. Why is this monk so free to just comment and write. His comments are negative and derogatory which is un-monkish behavior in itself. I was sponsoring a few monks from Sera Je and still sponsoring one and they said he is not a pure monk. That he has broken his vows several times by having improper relations with a few other young monks. Yes, improper relations. The monks call that literally as translated ‘monk’s way’. Yes it is improper behavior of the worst kind.

Secondly, he makes friends with Westerners and uses the “I hate Shugden” stance to win them over to show how exceptional, righteous and pure he is in order to get money and sponsorship. His sole intention is money and sponsorship. He enjoys computer, electronics, cameras (his favorite), watches also videos. He enjoys Indian movies very much. He does not engage in meditations, contemplations at all. If he did, he would not be online as often. He portrays himself as very pro- Dalai Lama in order to be in the right ‘catetorgory’ of groups, but his main purpose is to get money. He is well known for giving money to the young monks he bribes to have improper activities with. He has been reported but it’s hush hush I was told. Siling Tongkhor wishes to defame and say negatives about others, he should expect the same. I have written to the abbot of Sera Mey Monastery last year and received no reply understandably as they like to keep this quiet. Similar to the Vatican.

Yes, there is a dark side of the Tibetan monasteries. One young monk was brutalized in this fashion and left Sera Mey monastery and has since arrived in New York City disrobed.

I am all out for not practicing Dhogyal and letting people know the ill effects of this worship, but just because a monk or Tibetan or individual is on the side against Dhogyal does not mean they are pure or above the law either. It does not mean they can be trusted for believed.

Becareful of Siling Tongkhor of Sera Mey Rongpo Khamtsen as he should be expelled for his dubious behavior. He is suppose to be a Tulku or a Rinpoche? Is this how a Rinpoche speaks and acts? Aren’t Tibetan Rinpoches suppose to be kind, forgiving and very loving? Is he a Rinpoche?