Author Topic: The Chinese PM THREATENS To Cancel Visit To The UK Unless The Queen Sees Him  (Read 3013 times)


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I saw this on the news a week back and I thought it was rather interesting but NOT surprising that Beijing has been increasing assertive regarding its leaders overseas trip. And they get away with it cause they are well in demand. 

From my understanding, the Queen does not meet up with anyone. Normally an audience with the Queen is only granted if it is the Head of the Country. As we know, Mr. Li is the 2nd head in command in China. But the Queen did meet up with Mr Li at the start of his 3 days trip.

During Mr. Li's 3 days trip, trade ties & deals were forged & signed between the 2 countries worth $30.5 BILLION which the main bulk of it comprised of the deal between British Energy Giant BP and Chinese state-owned CNOOC to supply China with liquefied natural gas worth $20 billion. The government also announced an easing of visa restrictions for Chinese tourists and business people.

I do hope CTA learns from what is going on around the world and how China influence is very much taken into account of major government. CTA should strategise themselves well to obtain as much rights/benefits/immunity for the Tibetans in Exile while they still can INSTEAD of spending majority of their resources & money slandering high lamas with false accusation. It is about time, they actually start doing something for their own people.

Cause at this moment, I do not think the Queen will grant any audiences or meetings with H.H. or Sikyong Lobsang Sangay.

1. Chinese PM demands audience with Queen on visit to Britain

2. Britain's Queen Elizabeth II meets Chinese premier


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Very true, I must agree with you.

The CTA have always had their priorities on the wrong front, which is obvious since not much development can be seen in their cause. I'm not even sure if they still remember their purpose as a government, which is to serve the Tibetan people instead of breaking them apart with something as silly as enforcing the ban on Dorje Shugden.

The Tibetans may think that it is 'only' an act carry out by the CTA, but they never think that such a full scale extermination of Shugden practitioners require a lot of resources in the form of money, time and man power. Instead of using all these for the benefit of the Tibetan people (whom I believe pay taxes), they are using it to prosecute fellow Tibetans.

I am not even sure if the CTA is 'fighting' China, or fighting with Tibetans, because at the moment, it does seem like they're 'killing' their allies.

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Hahaha Sorry but don't be naive Shugdenpromoter. Why would the CTA and the Tibetan learn from this when they are too busy with their witchhunt on the Shugden practitioners. They are not even bothered with the Chinese really, they are just picking on their own people whom they believe lies the villain - perhaps, a scapegoat. The Dalai Lama is not the head of the state anymore but they refuse to take responsibility of their own people and rather rely on what seems to be a highly divisive ban.

For Buddha's sake! Even the young naive kids in the Tibetan Children's Village can see how damaging it is to the unity of the people and the Tibetan cause. They rather forego the Tibetan cause and the responsibility for Tibetan unity than to go against a baseless ban. They rather be play the submissive role of being loyal subjects to the authority of the Dalai Lama's ban. The authority who based his ban on the grounds that his own master was wrong and nobody seem to realize that he is also saying that he could be wrong too. Nobody in secular power like the CTA would because they won't want to break away with tradition and sacred respect for the Dalai Lama.