Author Topic: “A Question From a Seven-Year-Old Child (Six Worthy Ways)”  (Read 3687 times)


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One son asked his father about how to gain the most valuable things in his life, and his father’s response was that only worthy ways, in which there are six, lead to worthwhile goals. The son later realized that these ways were essential and inseparable from him.

One of the six worthy ways I thought most valuable was “be wholesome in every way” because this statement acts as an umbrella. Being wholesome means to listen to and learn from others in whichever way, to act with sincerity, to live according to Truth, and to keep oneself healthy and fit. Also, being wholesome means to be fully oneself. Knowing oneself is indeed difficult, because that is what most Buddhist followers attempt to do as they sit in the temples. Even if one has a very clear, concrete goal for the future, if one doesn’t pursue it in worthy ways, one is not going to be happy when looking back to the past for a memory.