Author Topic: "Video Response to Dalai Lama’s Speech"  (Read 3768 times)


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"Video Response to Dalai Lama’s Speech"
« on: April 01, 2014, 12:43:12 AM »

One Tibetan made a video for a response to the Dalai’ Lama’s teachings on how the Dorje Shugden is bad. Buddhists believe that the believers should gain peaceful state of mind after the teachings, but His teachings inflict more violence. This video maker supported religious freedom.

Activists like this creator serves as an excellent leader of the protesters who might be a little hesitant to cry out because they provide courage to the shy ones.

I commend what the creator has done because it is not an easy task to publicly expose himself as a protestor to the Dalai Lama. Who knows the CTA will find out where you live and attack you for what you have done, which is a very peaceful, non-violent protest? Videos like this tend to spread a lot faster in social media sites because this is not just silly one, but it actually contains the causes for the protests. The video creators will be stood up as great leaders whom many can learn from.