Author Topic: "Did the CTA make a mistake?"  (Read 3856 times)


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"Did the CTA make a mistake?"
« on: March 24, 2014, 02:04:34 PM »

There were two same, but different reports published that alarmed many Shugden practitioners. First article stated, “As usual we (Tibetan government in-exile) invoke all the protecting deities particularly Dorje Shugden who is the official protecting deity of the Tibetan government…” However, the next day’s article changed Dorje Shugden as Palden Lhamo, and stated at the end that DS was “wrongly mentioned.” Hence the Shugden practitioners came up with several theories about the reason why there was a change in articles within 48 hours of the first article published.

Processing the history of an event is very important especially in an attempt to correct the wrongdoings and mistakes by another party.

This method of coming up with theories and hypothesizing the root of the problem requires a lot of patience and thinking. Whether or not the process takes a long time, the Shugden practitioners should enthusiastically examine the roots of the problem. However, one caution is that they should not hastingly conclude that the origin of the problem was the Tibetan government just because they are mad at it. Coming up with ample amount of evidence and accurate proof will further bewilder the administrators.