Author Topic: “Pills that give blessings and protection”  (Read 3518 times)


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“Pills that give blessings and protection”
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Although panacea is widely believed to be nonexistent, or at least in a form of a lie, holy relic pills of Lama Tsongkapa blessed by Dorje Shugden breaks that fantasy by the fact that the medical recipe was taught by the Medicine Buddha. These rare pills contain various ingredients that are all blessed by Dorje Shugden masters and spirits, and bless and help the dying and the dead to be reborn well.

As the belief and the use of these pills imply that the Dorje Shugden believers truly earn happiness from practicing this religion, the Dalai Lama must abolish the ban on believing such religion.

When one searches for quotes about happiness, one of the top quotes that come up is by Dalai Lama the 14th, the current one: “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” Happiness is one of the basic principles of Buddhism, and the Dorje Shugden believers are taking actions to achieve their happiness. And they become happy and perhaps relieved from their faith in the pills that their dying and dead families and friends will be just fine after taking the pills. Yet Dalai Lama is crushing their hopes and happiness by banning practicing Dorje Shugden. He must stop this injustice and allow the religion of freedom.