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5th Dalai-Lama started the practice of Dorje Shugden!
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Beggar please try to find a way to keep stuff like this:

from TrinleyKelsang:

According to Per K. Sorenson's work Rulers on the Celestial Plain, the Fifth Dalai Lama visited Dol, a region in Tibet, several times and especially noteworthy is in 1656.  The "Dol-rgyal temple (to-day no more extant) was located in the western side-valley of lower Dol."  This was offered to Dorje Shugden by the Fifth Dalai Lama, and hence the name Dolgyal, which is not necessarily derogatory, it is a historical name.

In particular Jadrel Lhawang, a reincarnate lama from Drepung, in the 18th Century wrote the earliest account currently known about Dorje Shugden.  This is at the end of a standard Drepung Loseling biography of Panchen Sonam Dragpa.  At the end of this 17 folio work he writes an interesting story of how the Fifth Dalai Lama sent a government official to Dol, the abode of Dorje Shugden, to invite him to become a protector of the Gelug.

In the region of Dol, offered by the Great Fifth as abode, there is a fortress (pho brang).  At the time of Great Fifth, he gave a government official special eye ointment and magical hat (sgrib zhva) and sent him to deliver a letter to the presence of Dolgyal.  When he went to this place he saw Dholgyal’s palace as being like a god’s mansion.  The right and left doors were blocked by two fearful Acharyas.  Putting on his magical hat we was able to enter.  In the middle of the extremely beautiful mansion was a high throne.  On this was a monk wearing the three types of monks robes.  In front of him was arranged a light natured mandala.  The smell of ethics pervaded the air.  

From outside came many frightful non-humans (mi ma yin).  They requested many times "in this land we are receiving much harm from arrows, we need a way to give them harm."  Although they insisted compassion was not appropriate, they were stopped.  Finally, when they came back one more time and insisted, he gave them a handful of white mustard seed and told them to throw it in the direction of the ‘On region.  When the non-humans threw this the land’s harvest for the year was completely destroyed.  Then the government official said "this letter was sent by the Fifth Dalai Lama, which I which I was given to deliver."  Handing it over Dorje Shugden took and it and placed it on his forehead.  Thus seeing the situation he returned back to the Fifth Dalai Lama and told him everything that happened.  I have heard from this my holy teacher.

The Fifth Dalai-Lama was the first official Dorje Shugden practitionner. He composed the first official prayer to Dorje Shugden and opened the first temple dedicated to Duldzin Trode Khansar:

First official prayer ever written to Duldzin by 5th Dalai-lama:


Though unmoving from the sphere of primordial spontaneity,
With wrathful turbulent power, swifter than lightning,
Endowed with heroic courage to judge good and bad,
I invite you with faith, please come to this place!  

Robes of a monk, crown adorned with rhinocerous leather hat,
Right hand holds ornate club, left holds a human heart,
Riding various mounts such as nagas and garudas,
Who subdues the mamo's of the charnal grounds, praise to you!  

Samaya substances, offerings and torma, outer, inner and secret,
Favorite visual offerings and various objects are arranged.
Although, previously, my wishes were a bit dense,
Do not stop your powerful apparitions, I reveal and confess!

 Now respectfully praising with body, speech, and mind,
For us, the masters, disciples, benefactors and entourages,
Provide the good and avert the bad!
Bring increase like the waxing moon in spiritual and temporal realms!

 Moreover, swiftly accomplishing all wishes,
According to our prayers, bestow the supreme effortlessly!
And like the jewel that bestows all wishes,
Always protect us with the Three Jewels!