Author Topic: Recording Human Rights Abuses of DS Practitioners?  (Read 2422 times)


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Recording Human Rights Abuses of DS Practitioners?
« on: February 23, 2012, 06:12:09 AM »
Admin and Fellow DS practitioners and Forum Members,

I can't recall discussion of a Human Rights Organisation that has been recording and documenting evidences of DS practitioners during the ban being in force in the forum threads?

Many years ago when the Tibet and China issue of human rights was not so prominent in media an organisation called the Tibet Information Network was set up in 1987 to document and collect evidence of human rights abuse to present to the UN in Geneva.


Check out the background of one of the founders instrumental in increasing awareness of the Tibetan People.  Some interesting reading and why the Tibet Information Network ceased to

My Question?

Is there an organisation that is documenting a FULL Database of DS Practitioners Human Rights Abuse information....Or if their isn't could this site be a unbiased / trustworthy (no repercussions) / platform to document this information for future use??? to receive Justice from and / or possible compensation directly from the Tibetan Gov??? at some point in time...

If we are serious about our spiritual practice we should also collectively be serious about secular avenues to assist in ending the Ban also? Do you think this is a good idea...