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Re: Goodnight Lama-the blackmail tapes
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Lama Yeshe was not Geshe Kelsangs Guru, and luckily Chip had the good sense to also not condone drugs in Dharma Centres. I'm so happy that Venerable Geshe-la has had the courage to stop the drug trafficking in the buddhist centres.  If there is any negativity surely it is the FPMT and those responsible for the drug trafficking who created terrible negative karma by financing their Centres through illegal means. How horrible and what a disgrace to the Buddhasasana.

Of course the FPMT also does many good things, and I rejoice in that. But I believe their ban on Dorje Shugden is also a way to destroy the Ganden tradition. Mixing now their teachings with Dzogchen, and Nyingma to me sounds they have lost faith in Je Tsongkhapa's lineage and feel they have to follow the Dalai Lama in mixing traditions until no pure lineage exists anymore.  No wonder Osel cannot manifest in that tradition now.



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Re: Goodnight Lama-the blackmail tapes
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I just found out about this thread. I had no idea that this kind of thing was going on and I am shocked to hear someone blackmailing their own lama just to gain control of a Dharma center!!! Threatening the lama!! What world are we living in where lamas are being threatened, blackmailed and cornered by the disciples to do something! No wonder Lama Osel manifested the way he wonder the FPMT centers degenerated...did Lama Yeshe come back to be threatened again? The heavy negative karma from this action....I cannot comprehend as nowhere in history has it been mentioned before that a student threatens the Guru. There is mentioned that one of the masters who showed disrespect when his Guru, a cowherd showed up while he was giving a dharma talk, he denied seeing his Guru and his eyeballs fell out immediately, so what are the incredible consequences of threatening the Guru?!

Lama, please also appreciate the overall consequence of these actions proceeding in the court and also in the Charities Commission. Please realise that there probably will be a public trial of trustees of the Manjushri Institute in addition to other key FPMT people. Please also appreciate that you, Lama, will probably have to go to court to answer questions and possibly even to stand trial. If prosecuted, trustees of the Manjushri Institute will probably go to jail and possibly also other members of the FPMT. And finally, the Charities Commission, through its own investigation, and as a result of the public trial, and possible prosecution of trustees and other FPMT will formally remove the 3 trustees I have mentioned from the Manjushri Institute. Now please appreciate that the FPMT, as a result of this, will be disgraced internationally. The purpose of Tenzin and my coming from England to see you in California was to impress upon you the grave seriousness of the present situation and to obtain your signature on the agreement we presented to you along with the letter from the Institute. This action we have taken has been at the recommendation of the Charities Commission and also of our own attorney in England.

As you said in your tape that you agree with the proposal that we have offered you, then please sign the agreement now to take back to England with us on Monday. If we are unable to return to England with your signature on that agreement, which you have already indicated you agreed with, then please know, Lama, without doubt that civil and legal actions will commence next week.

Lama, I will call you at 10:30 tomorrow morning to hear your response to this communication. I sincerely hope from the very bottom of my heart that you will be willing to sign the agreement, which represents an extremely tolerant, and an extremely peaceful solution to this overall problem under the circumstances. However, if there are further questions that you wish to ask – if there is any way in which Tenzin or myself can be of further assistance to you in understanding the present situation please let us know and we are completely at you disposal from now until the time that we actually have to leave for England, which is Monday afternoon. Please listen to my tape carefully so that you do understand completely what is involved and that there will be no regret in the future if legal actions are, in fact, taken. Good night, Lama.”

For a while, lets not focus on the political drama that this thread has degenerated into earlier, but contemplate on the difficulties that our Gurus have to go through to spread the Dharma and pray that we will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER be such people and may such people stop their harm and may no more CHIP RODARMORS will ever manifest ever and lets appreciate our own Gurus more. I can only imagine the dismay of Lama Zopa and Lama Yeshe when confronted with this...

Dear Ensapa... do please share with us where you got this juicy info from so we can verify and if required find out more. At the moment I have no clue as to who is the LAMA they are referring to? Is it Lama Zopa??? What are they requesting the LAMA to sign??? What LEGAL ACTION are they talking about?? You have basically posted a very interesting thread but story half told. We're not here to judge but we do wish to get the whole picture or a clearer one yes please ;)

If this is really a student of Lama Zopa (can't confirm as it does not say anywhere Lama Zopa except FPMT), then I would say this way of writing is awefully shameful! Even if I had to break away from my Lama, for whatever reasons, this is something that would never ever cross my mind to do... how stupid n ridiculous, it's like Guru Samaya already severed, on top of that getting a one way EXPRESS ticket to the hell realms - NO THANKS - CRAZY & STUPID. If they have broken up with their Guru, then go quietly in peace... whatever the case is I guess. Guess this is what happens when centers grow sooo big, sooo fast?!? Thus we must thread carefully whenever we see sheer enthusiasm in the beginning of every student, because if there is an extreme in positive, there would be an extreme in negative hence I always like to follow the Buddha's advice of "the middle way" in terms of our emotional "excitement" - same logic applied from the teachings of doing Dharma without the 8 worldly concerns; when Praise we feel happy and our egos bloat up to size of an elephant, and when Scolded we go in to the dark hole of depression.

So point in check would be to always keep on the "middle way". I do hope Ensapa you share more info in regards to this news... and what "drug trafficking" - I'm missing something I think?