Author Topic: The Chainbreakers movie - 1st Tibetan movie cast in Hollywood style  (Read 96 times)

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The Chainbreakers’, an epic drama that tells the history of PLA liberating Tibet, has scored a December 8 release date. Striving to present this history from Tibetan people’s authentic perspectives, director Yang Rui spent 6 years completing the film. The film premiered early this year at the Beijing International Film Festival and received several awards including a grand jury award at the Festival

Yang Rui, the director, says the movie tries to use Hollywood-style narration to tell a Chinese ethnic legend.
She says she had led a 300-member crew to shoot the movie in highlands with an average elevation of 4,500 meters.

Trailers :


1st movie to show to the world about Tibet and China relationship. Can't wait to watch how China is going to project the relationship to the world and what would be the CTA's reaction.

China has begun to put Tibet into the eyes of the world. To show to the world how good have Tibet improved under the ruling of China. As China doing so, CTA will lost more bargaining chips. Eventually the worse things China will not allowed Tibetan in exile to return to China. One good excuses was the Tibetan are born in India. 


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Re: The Chainbreakers movie - 1st Tibetan movie cast in Hollywood style
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2017, 01:46:22 PM »
I'd suggest an open mind when watching this movie 'cos as with any movie, it's the director's interpretation with a view to monetary gains. But, I do hope that the film offered opportunities to the Tibetans to learn and experience film-making close up. It may inspire some of the Tibetans to be adventurous and move in that general direction. In modern day Tibet, anything is possible as we have seen Tibetans singing beautifully in competitions, cutting albums and even playing western sports internationally.


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Re: The Chainbreakers movie - 1st Tibetan movie cast in Hollywood style
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It would definitely be interesting to look at the portrayal of the “Tibetan authentic perspectives” considering the sensitivity of the issue and the censorship of China. It is more than likely that this movie would be heavily geared towards impressing on the progress and improved welfare of Tibetans following China’s involvement.

Regardless of the vested interest and the angle in which China puts forth the portrayal, what is undeniable is that most of the successful Tibetans around the world did not succeed because of the Tibetan leadership but in spite of the Tibetan leadership. Just purely on a rough statistical point, Tibetans who are beyond the purview of the Tibetan leadership fare way better than those who left their future at the dictates of the Tibetan leadership. In fact, majority of those who bided by the Tibetan leadership are no better off than how they were when they first went into exile decades ago. And this is despite the more than generous donations and financial aid channelled to the Tibetan leadership for Tibetans in exile.