Author Topic: Valentine's Day Tragedy: Paralympian 'double-blade' runner murders girlfriend  (Read 3753 times)

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Oscar Pistorius: South Africa prepares for its own OJ-style trial of the century

"One of our greatest heroes shoots his girlfriend? It's seismic. I find it very upsetting. It's definitely triggering some kind of deep emotional response in South Africans." - Craig Freimond, a film director and writer.

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South Africa's Oscar Pistorius made history as the first double amputee to run at the Olympics.
Photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters

From HERO to ZERO... what make a decent person kills ???

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Oscar Pistorius was keeping a gun under his pillow, when he went to bed at night. Did he think that he was James Bond 007? He lived in a gated and safe community. His deceased girlfriend was discovered only early in the morning. It's claimed that he mistook her for an intruder. Was it early in the morning? Did he immediately call the police after he had shot his girlfriend?

This is a terrible tragedy. I have a very hard time believing the story about the "intruder". Oscar Pistorius' family and management are strongly disputing the murder charges against him. I'm wondering: what do they want those charges to be? Reeva Steenkamp deserves a fair justice: she was "MURDERED", whether or not the Pistorius' camp doesn't want to hear that word.

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Well... there is certainly some speculation and a whole lot of assumption here. Yes unfortunately someone is dead and the only other person or witness is also the accused! Justice, as they say, must be served!!! Such is the stuff of movie plots...

However, what is truly sad is that because both the accused and victim are celebrities, the media kicks into gear and gets on their "holier than thou" soapbox! There are so many other more serious plights of the South Africans and Africans in general that do not even get any mention or airtime. This kind of selective attitude in itself is a crime... a crime to the very fabric of society!

Doesn't everyone deserve justice regardless? Our priorities in this day and age have truly gone up in smoke in this degenerate age. How blessed are we to have our King Dorje Shugden to be our beacon of truth and justice!

More Drama!!!

Oscar Pistorius Arrives at Court - Weeps over Girlfriend Fatal Shooting and Murder Charges