Author Topic: Must Watch! Tibetans are being attacked & abused in India  (Read 44712 times)


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Re: Must Watch! Tibetans are being attacked & abused in India
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It is indeed very sad to see how a government is abusing its own people. The CTA has been taking advantage of the Tibetan plight to get money for themselves. What has the CTA achieved in the past 60 years? What is the result of the free Tibet movement? The CTA encourage the Tibetans to self-immolate to create awareness on the Tibetan plight in the hope that more people will support them, but is it working? If the CTA wants to see some progress in the free Tibet movement, they should first solve the conflicts in the Tibetan community, unite the people and work together using the peaceful method. Condemning the Chinese government and sacrificing more lives will not help at all.

They are indeed very silly. When they self-immolate, what do you think the Chinese will do? As if they are going to care? Wake up already, if they care, they would have said or done something. But not a word. Only people making the drama is the exile Tibetans. Not even their Western allies such as the US cares if those Tibetans burn themselves. To China it is one less Tibetan  trouble maker out of their hair. So what if they dies is probably what they are thinking

So CTA is indeed not very smart, because they are actually helping China to kill their own people! How ridiculous, and definitely no merits for such sacrifice. It's not for Dharma, it's for CTA's political game and gains. How tragic.