Author Topic: Dorje Shugden "Phowa" practice  (Read 8597 times)

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Dorje Shugden "Phowa" practice
« on: December 28, 2019, 02:43:00 AM »
Yes there is in fact a Phowa practice that involves Dorje Shugden.
You visualize Dorje Shugden as your Deity in this practice.
Just like you would do in a Green Tara Phowa practice.
Place Dorje Shugden at the top of your head and visualize him coming down and entering you at your Crown chakra.
Visualize Dorje Shugden meeting and guiding you in the Bardo.
It is a very simple method to gain "Liberation" at the moment of death.
Just ask your Guru for the "Dorje Shugden Phowa Practice".