Author Topic: Nechung Oracle recognizes a NON Buddhist woman as an ORACLE and a TULKU!  (Read 35007 times)

Harold Musetescu

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Here is a link to a photo of the Nechung Oracle recognizing the Mamaki Oracle.

You need to scroll down the page a little to find it.

Here is a link to an MP3 audio tape that the Mamaki Oracle recorded on her website about her being recognized.

Here is a link to Mamaki Oracle's website that shows her in her full "Oracular" robes.

I have sent emails to the Dalai Lama's office and the CTA asking them to validate the recognition by THEIR

Harold Musetescu

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What was the Nechung's role in all of this?

What was he doing in those photos with the Mamaki Oracle?

They were both wearing oracular robes at some sort of ceremony at the Nechung Monastery.

Her story is that the Nechung Oracle went to Mongolian to be the Mamaki crown head piece.

That after 25 years absence the Nechung Oracle went to Nepal to get a Mamaki Oracle mirror (melong).

Did the Dalai Lama know what the Nechung Oracle was doing?

Why are there no other articles referencing this recognition of the Mamaki Oracle on the web?

Had this all been legitimate the Dalai Lama would have publicly declared it to be legitimate.

Not a single word about this Mamaki Oracle's recognition from the Dalai Lama, the CTA or any Tibetan newspaper.

Today I sent emails to the Office of the Dalai Lama and CTA's Department of Religion about this Mamaki Oracle's claims.

There is no email address that I could find for the Nechung Oracle.

It is the Nechung Oracle that has a LOT of explaining to do about all of this.

Has he gone ROGUE and thinks he can self declare a person to be an Oracle or a Tulku and that self declaration is valid without the Dalai Lama's concurrence?

It appears that the Nechung Oracle masterminded this entire affair and needs to explain himself to the public the Dalai Lama and the CTA.

If he doesn't they may all very well stop trusting him as a State Oracle.

I stopped trusting the Nechung Oracle a very long time ago.