Author Topic: Tibetans critical of Dalai Lamas stance on self immolations  (Read 8038 times)


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Re: Tibetans critical of Dalai Lamas stance on self immolations
« Reply #15 on: August 26, 2017, 09:46:57 PM »

AshRao - I agree with you that had to say something because it was the second immolation in exile in the same month (July).

Dr. Lobsang Sangay took it as a PR opportunity to bad mouth China, doesn't really address any measures by the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) to stop self-immolation, but merely 'discouraged self immolation protests and urged Tibetans to pursue more powerful means by honing one’s educational, professional and personal competency to substantially contribute to the Tibetan cause.'

He went on to say that “While we understand the plight of Tibetans inside Tibet and the situation under which they have to resort to such actions, Tibetans in exile have the freedom to participate in protests in any form one chooses to do. "

The fact of the matter is that Tibetan in exile is no better than Tibetans in China. One big issue that the Tibetans in exile face is a high rate of unemployment, official figures recorded as high as 22% among Tibetan youth. Young and highly efficient youth remain underutilized for long period, some being unemployed for more than two years. Many of seasonally unemployed youth remains economically unproductive for more than 8-10 months a year.

Self immolation by the Tibetans in exile is a reflection that they too are unhappy where they are in exile. What has Lobsang Sangay got to say now?   


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Re: Tibetans critical of Dalai Lamas stance on self immolations
« Reply #16 on: August 31, 2017, 12:03:17 AM »
Dear Prajna

Thank you for your insightful comment about Tibetan in exile unemployment issues.  I do think that instead of provoking conflicts and controversies, the CTA should instead use the fund and donation they received to create employment opportunities for their subjects. Let's face the fact, if they insist the Tibetans to stay refugees, they must at least create employment opportunities for them.