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Re: Tibetan Leadership Cons Mongolia
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Wow, what an impression the visit by the Dalai Lama has made on the Mongolians. Everything is blowing up in their faces and this will definitely linger in their memories for very long time to come. With China withdrawing loans to ease Mongolia's $600 millions debt, then having to face diseases, smog and severe weather conditions which are killing their livestocks, it would seem the Dalai Lama is associated with disasters. CTA is really lacking in integrity when knowing Mongolia is in talk with China, why push a visit by the Dalai Lama even after warnings from China of backing out of the loans. What can CTA give that could have replace this much needed monetary support? Apparently zilch! All the million dollars sponsorship monies had been wasted in propaganda activities and comfortable living. Relying on their influences to gain financial aid for Mongolia? Now practically every country is leaning towards China for support and won't even meet with the Dalai Lama. From history of how CTA treats their host country, India, one can see the support is only one sided. India gave them refuge in their time of need, gave them control of self governance and backed them in almost every way. CTA had never reciprocate to help India in her times of need but instead creates so much drama and problems. Now as India too look towards partnership with China, CTA had become a thorn in the side that still keeps prickling. After India voiced out, at CTA's prompting, on Mongolia's situation, China bypassed India and went to Pakistan with the ludicrous land transportation project. India lose out again.

I wonder when CTA will really come to see that they no longer hold charm or any trump card with the Dalai Lama as China now holds more allure with the promise of economic trade and growth. Time to bite the bullet and start overtures to China for the much awaited dialogue by the Dalai Lama and Tibetans In Exile. Don't wait until all cards are opened and CTA no longer has any negotiation powers. Lift Dorje Shugden Ban and unite your people. We are 4 million strong.