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Please Support
« on: January 04, 2015, 02:31:14 AM »

Dear Friends of Dorje Shugden,

We need your help! Please support by making a contribution here:

Offering the Dharma
Since monastics live simply, what we have to offer is the Dharma. The Buddha said that the giving of the Dharma is the best kind of giving, because it leads others on the path to liberation. We give Dharma freely from our hearts because we want to benefit all those who attend.
This gives us the freedom to teach wherever we think it is most beneficial without having to worry about earning a livelihood. Lay teachers who have families and a householder's lifestyle do not always have that freedom.

Thus we avoid selecting where to teach based on the amount of dana we might receive, and we do not charge for services such as private interviews for spiritual consultation. As monastics, we give all this freely. We trust that those who benefit will want to help support us with the necessities we need for living so that we can continue our spiritual practice and beneficial work.

All funds raised will go towards supporting our work to spread Dorje Shugden across the world, including:

- Translation of rare and valuable sacred texts (such as Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche’s texts on Dorje Shugden)
- Publication of books and other educational materials
- Production of free distribution items
- Mailouts of letters and information packs to thousands of institutions - Development of new video and audio multimedia content
- Hosting and other running costs
- Offerings to the monasteries of Shar Gaden and Serpom
- and the creation of new, innovative ways of spreading Dorje Shugden’s practice

Thank you for joining hands with us to bring an end to the ban and to spread Dorje Shugden’s practice all over the world.