Author Topic: What made you start Dorje Shugden practice?  (Read 13522 times)

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Re: What made you start Dorje Shugden practice?
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My parents have been practicing DS for the last 16 years. Only about 4 years ago, they introduced me to Dorje Shugden's practice. I am a Gelugpa throughout my whole life and my parents only decided to get me further into the Dharma. I love Dorje Shugden very much, as He has helped many of my friends, families and I. After my parents shared stories of Dorje Shugden (About how and why He became a Dharma Protector and His life before becoming a Dharma Protector), they showed me the praise of DS in a prayer book. It was really fascinating and interesting to learn about Him. And that is how I came to learn about Dorje Shugden.