Author Topic: WHAT A POWERFUL PICTURE!!  (Read 15888 times)

Gabby Potter

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Agreed Thaimonk! Me too, I have always been amazed by the process of a trance. I love watching videos of oracles taking trance, through watching I learnt a lot as well :)


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I have seen a trance by the oracle  few times and I count myself very fortunate. I noticed the Oracle keep wiping his face and asked a monk why. He said that the Protector is purifying our negative karma. Wow. How fortunate for those present.
I is also amazing that the Oracle could wear the very heavy Protector hat, which I understand is tens of kilos. Normal people will have their necks broken by the weight and motions, which is very dynamic.

I also know that the advise given by the Protector are always beneficial and always comes true if follow with faithand Guru Devotion. Again, I have witnessed that.

James Bond

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I cannot agree with you more, thaimonk! The art of superior beings taking over a human body in order to communicate with us and give us teachings is truly amazing. Anyone who gets to meet the oracle and experience the feeling of having Dorje Shugden so physically near you, is very very lucky and should be extremely grateful to be blessed by the presence of Dorje Shugden. I personally envy you, thaimonk. I have never seen Dorje Shugden take full trance of the Kuten, i really would like to someday. It would be an experience that would really change my perspective of life and dharma. Thank you for sharing the picture with us, i feel as though the picture really shows a lot about the trance itself. Very interesting to see.