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recent email i sent
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hi folks

this is a recent email i sent to the editor I noticed in there Buddhist news, they had not reported anything of the recent controversory.  It is well worth our time to keep sending lots of emails to the same site and similiar sites. This only helps our cause.  This is a copy of my email:-

I was reading the buddhist news on your website and i noticed you have no articles about the recent protests against the Dalai Lama at Colgate University by western and tibetans buddhists. There is a new emerging group made up of tibetan and western Buddists calling themselves the western shugden society that is organising worldwide demonstrations against the Dalai Lama. They are protesting against religious persecution and human rights abuses of the Dalai Lama. Why are you not reporting this issue. New videos have been made available to support these claims on

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The address of the new group is  The website is available in 10 different languages.  They also have a new online petition started yesterday with 500 names already.  I hope you follow this story closely and write up to date news articles.


a friend

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Re: recent email i sent
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Good for you Loneranger!
Keep on the good work!