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Gurus and our Dreams
« on: April 19, 2008, 07:16:15 PM »
I have a dharma question,not DS related persay.

Little over a year ago I had a dream of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso;in this dream he spoke to a group of people in a small room,with myself,my dog and my fiance.

After his talk(which I don't recall) he said to myself,my fiance and my dog;"we are family,we are of the same lineage"

Now up until last week,this has been the tape holding my faith together,but recently with all the new issues.
My 2nd teacher told me that he believes that it probably came from my gross mind thinking about Geshe-la and so forth (though I don't recall thinking about him then) ,but once I went to sleep it slipt in and I could have manifested this...
Well,with this new knowledge,I felt a huge dip in my heart.
I have always been a skeptical person,but this kept me going,I never told my first teacher because I didn't want to sound conceded or 'special' because of this dream.

Now I heard in a previous teaching from another teacher years ago (on tape it was years old)
that when your guru is in your dreams,that's not just another common dream.

Now,i'm unsure of alot of things,and with a different teacher,and views i'm not aware of,it gets more confusing.

I love GKG and his teachings and believe he is enlightened,but was this dream my own creation from my subtle wish to find a guru or was it the real thing?

I am just curious of others opinions here.please.

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Re: Gurus and our Dreams
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2008, 02:23:19 AM »
Dear Maha,

1. Whether your dream was fabricated from your gross mind seeping into your subtle mind causing you to have dreams of His Eminence Geshe Kelsang or it was from a deeper connection, doesnt matter. Since you have so much faith in him on a gross level, to make you have the dreams (hypothectically) then he is the one your inner mind is speaking to you to follow. He is the one you should follow to bring you to enlightenment. So your subtle/inner mind should be followed.

2. If your dream was because you are deeply connected to His Eminence from the past, then you should not let another influence you away with philosophical  explanations that maybe dry from lack of application.

3. Perhaps you had connections to this lineage from a previous life. So you are continuing this lineage via His Eminence Geshe Kelsang.

4. And there is a chance that your dream was an indication that you have deep connections with His Eminence since you said at the time you werent thinking of him much. Yet you still had the dream. Yes dreams are illusory and not reliable, but there are circumstances and conditions we can take them as good indicators. For example prior to actual initiation into higher tantras, you are given items to put under your bed and pillow to watch for indications of dreams blessed by the lama. So the next day, you are to 'report' to your lama prior to initiation of any positive signs and negative.

Whatever the case, follow your 'dreams' and inner voice. Surrender, submit, take refuge and follow His Eminence. This goes for everyone and their gurus not just you. One should follow one's gurus irregardless of stature, politics and rumours. We can find fault in Buddha if he was here due to our obscurations. Like hungry ghosts who see delicious foods as spittle, urine and pus.

I offer you to please read

1.Fifty verses of Guru devotion by Aryashura published by Tibetan Library
2.Wheel of sharp weapons by dharmarakshita published by Tibetan Library
3.Devotion by Sherry Marshall published by Simon & Schuster
4.The Way of Awakening by Geshe Yeshe Tobden -published by Wisdom
5.The fulfillment of All Hopes by Tsongkapa published by Wisdom

May you again continue what you left off~~~~~~~~~~~~~~