Author Topic: Vajrayana's New Ugly Culture - Buddhist Police  (Read 15847 times)


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Re: Vajrayana's New Ugly Culture - Buddhist Police
« Reply #15 on: January 28, 2012, 12:35:22 AM »
In 3-5 years the ban will be lifted and those people will be perplexed and embarrassed when HHDL says its okay to practice Dorje Shugden and that he is an enlightened protector as well. By that time also China would have built huge statues of Dorje Shugden and it would be too late for them to get rid of them. During that time, they will really regret their actions that they did out of blind faith and lack of research.

I can foresee that many people will regret their actions once the ban is lifted and they will wake up once and for all on the dangers of blind faith and will start to at least do some research before believing into anything.

Most Buddhists these days of any tradition tend to just scrap the surface of the teaching, they rather listen to their friends or a pass by Dharma teacher rather than read the actual scriptures and do their own reasoning and research. They just listen and never bother to reinforce it by reading or doing research. Such is the state of Buddhism today. There are also scholars who reject totally the interpretation of Dharma teachers and form their own distorted conclusions about the Dharma based on their own interpretation of the teachings.

I can foresee that the lifting of the ban will cause a mass awakening, a huge wake up call to people to actually do research and use their logic and reasoning to think before they actually make a certain decision especially when they do it for Dharma practice. And this will affect all other traditions as well, as an example of how dangerous faith without research, logic and reasoning is. Perhaps that is what HHDL's plan was from the start.