Author Topic: 103 novice monks joined Shar Gaden!  (Read 14601 times)


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Re: 103 novice monks joined Shar Gaden!
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Losang Tenpa, would be fab if you can use the graphic novel as a teaching aid for the young monks.
No Printer at Shar Gaden? If you have a printer perhaps can start with black and white. I printed out a few sets for my nephews and nieces in black and white and then with a book binder wallah I have for them a treat good for a few lazy afternoons! I do pray for you to succeed in using the graphic novel as a teaching tool!

I actually have a printer in my room but with over 100 students I dont think I can print enough to give a copy to each monk in my classes.

I will think of something.

Not sure how big your class is or their proficiency but maybe you can turn it into a friendly competition. Print out a couple of copies and split the class into teams, and assign each team with a different section of the book. Then see who can write the best summary of their part (in English or Tibetan, whichever one's preferred) and rotate the sections around. That way each student will eventually cover the whole comic book?