Author Topic: Pay an Oracle to ask if Dorje Shugden can become our Yidam?  (Read 82 times)

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Here is a conversation between Pastor Niral Patel and a man named Eric.

Here is a link to that page

Hello Pastor Niral

I am writing you today to seek your assistance in contacting the Panglung Oracle.

My purpose is to have him be taken trance of by Dorje Shugden.

So dear readers remember that all it takes is MONEY for us to get Dorje Shugden to make himself our YIDAM.

While in trance I wish to ask Dorje Shugden to create the empowerment and sadhana for his Yidam practice.

Dorje Shugden did something similar with his "Dice Divination" via an "Oracle".

If you wish either you or Tsem Tulku could contact the Panglung Oracle about this most important matter.

What merit and blessing would occur to Tsem Tulku and his KFC if the Dorje Shugden's Yidam practice was created there.

Reply by Pastor Niral Patel
Dear Eric,

Please contact Kechara House to submit a formal request which will then be passed on. Note that such requests are traditionally accompanied with offerings. As the one requesting that such a trance takes place, you will also need to sponsor the event, including the extensive offerings made to the Buddhas and those offered to the deities once they take trance.

Please be aware that due to the Panglung Oracle’s busy schedule, once the request has been passed on, it will depend on the Panglung Oracle’s discretion as well as the location of where the Panglung Oracle is, the preparation, the assistants, etc. I hope this helps.

Thank you.

Here is Pastor Patel telling a man to pay a small fortune to ask a question that is so important to all of us who follow Dorje Shugden.

A question that should and could be asked for free by Pastor Patel to the Panglung Oracle.

The Panglung Oracle lives at the "Kechara Forest Retreat" with in walking distance of Pastor Patel.

Eric is saying that the Panglung Oracle can be take trance of by Dorje Shugden and while in trance provide the world with his Yidam empowerment and sadhana practice.

You would think that Pastor Patel would run down to Panglung Ritroe and ask the Panglung Oracle to go into an immediate trance.

But you would be wrong.

Eric was told by Pastor Patel to send an email to Kechara House and ask how much all this would cost i.e. to the Buddhas and Dharamapalas involved.

I did not know they needed to be payed for their services?

Eric is also told he must pay for the services of the Oracle and his assistants.


Pastor Patel's answer makes no sense to me at all.

We are talking about Dorje Shugden becoming our "Official" Yidam and he is talking about MONEY.