Author Topic: Robert Thurman is asking Anonymous to hack into Shugden practitioners accounts  (Read 17833 times)


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Wisdom Being, looks like it has been taken down for whatever reason there very quickly.

Tenzin K

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The 14th Dalai Lama is also known to be the emanation of the compassion Buddha. Having the followers that doing such will not give a credit to the Dalai Lama and we don’t have to mention Robert Thurman.

Obviously the Dalai Lama followers in India or in other country are acting the same way which using the non-Buddhist ethic and criminal ways to hurt the Lord Shugden practitioners. Revealing the list of the Lord Shugden supporters is not something new from the pro Dalai Lama and CTA which intentionally to harm them. This time from Robert Thurman from the west, it’s really showing how desperate the Dalai Lama followers want to harm the pro Lord Shugden people instead of finding a peace way to solve the issue.

It’s really sad and whatever Dalai Lama has been preaching and going around the country to spread his peace talk doesn’t really make prove that it is practical looking from his follower’s attitude and action. How can Dalai Lama continue to tell people peace is own followers and government doesn’t not act like one?


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This is getting way too much! First it was the Dalai Lama followers and the CTA that created so much violence, hatred, death threats, killings and ostracizing Dorje Shugden's practitioners and now a so called professor of Buddhism is asking a group of people to hack into the Dorje Shugden's practitioners accounts. This is violating human rights and very unethical! The Dalai Lama followers are doing dangerous things towards the DS practitioners and it is contradictory to what the Dalai Lama taught and preached! What happened to tolerance,  compassion, peace and harmony???

Joo Won

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This is not something should be done by an educated person in a civilized society, by hacking the website of you against with. In Buddhist history, we "fight" by debating politely with good words with the person/something we do not agree with. Asking another person to do illegal actions is the same by doing yourself, and the karma is even heavier and bad by get another person involved to commit the sin/negative act together.

Please make one "submit" to you by logic and reasons but not illegal or uncivilized approach, I hope Robert Thurman as a famous scholar could do the same. 


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The Anonymous Groups has in the past done a lot of hacking, and they usually side those injustice is being done to. Dorje Shugden people at best we are reacting to the policies or the CTA and Dalai Lama. Hope the Anonymous would hack the CTA and uncover their nefarious plans.

I am not particularly shocked by Bob Thurman to asking for such a hacking, perhaps he should start a group on facebook 'We are the ones who missed out on Dorje Shugden sogtae' For a reknown academic it does not seem he did a lot of study and analysis into the Dorje Shugden issue. To even suggest any form of hacking creates a most negative precedent.

Tenzin Malgyur

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Robert Thurman in publicly asking for another party to hack into accounts of Shugden groups is bringing more disgrace to himself and his spiritual teacher. Hacking into accounts of others is equivalent to breaking into premises and ransacking. This is not acceptable whether one is Buddhist or an atheist. If he can make public such an act, I am just wondering what other malicious intents and moves that this Buddhist scholar does secretly.


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Those who hack into another person's computer could be punished by a number of different crimes, depending on the circumstances. The law punishes hacking under the computer crime statutes. Hacking on someone’s account is also similar to invading someone’s privacy. As a Buddhist, Robert Thurman should be fully aware of the cause and effect of his actions and further,  he has deliberately  exploit others in committing such crime. If Robert Thuman holds strong samaya with his Guru, why should he get those innocents involved ? Please pull the plug!


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One of my FB friends, Danny Short, shared several posts from pertaining to Robert Thurman's posts, but the owner took down those posts for unknown reasons.