Author Topic: Underwater Pyramids the answer to the mysteries of Bermuda Triangle?  (Read 3740 times)

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Oceanographer Dr. Verlag Meyer claimed to have found strange underwater pyramid-like structures at a depth of two thousand meters with help of a sonar in the famous Bermuda Triangle. The base of this pyramid is supposedly 300 meters in length, 200 meters height, and distance from base to the tip of the pyramid is about 100 meters above the sea floor. This pyramids are made of glass-like or crystal materials.

The reports says:

"According to Dr. Philip Callahan who has studied the pyramids in Egypt, the cone shape and the pyramid shape both “generate a spin field from the apex”  when excited by a Tesla coil.  In other words, the top of the pyramid seems to create some sort of whirling energetic reaction resembling that of a double helix spinning.  Could these whirling vortexes of energy, when generated underwater, have resulted in whirlpools that could have swallowed ships?"

So, could these pyramids be the answer to the mysterious disappearances which have occurred in the Bermuda Triangle for decades? 


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Re: Underwater Pyramids the answer to the mysteries of Bermuda Triangle?
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As Buddhist we need to examine these types of claims as even though these types of phenomena possible, we cannot jump into conclusions without more evidences.
Also, we need to ask ourselves; "How does this affect us?" How does this affect our practice?" If not, then why do we bother? There are many more distractions in the world that can affect us more.

So for me, I would not bother. Better to focus on the conditions that affect us directly on a day to day basis.