Author Topic: Heading towards a Good Destination  (Read 3851 times)


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Heading towards a Good Destination
« on: August 18, 2013, 04:30:45 PM »
The Buddha taught that whatever we have done to develop and support qualities of goodness will bring about feelings of propensities and progress.Having done this,one can say that one will "go to a good  destination" or in simple words "go to heaven
"Heaven" here means a world where one is in a positive state of mind.A world where one is in a positive state of mind which refers to a mind that is free from irritations and unwholesome attitudes,such as greed,hatred and delusion - a mind that enables us to experience happiness.
Everything depends on us as we are not perfect already from birth.All that one have accomplished is only possible because we have gradually built it up an understanding of ourselves in a broader perspective,  sincerely and correctly. Then we can find that we are heading towards a good destination.


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Re: Heading towards a Good Destination
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It is a good method to encourage people to do good. For some of us who questions a lot there is another thought. Suffering will provide us the opportunity to learn and grow. Without suffering there is no incentive to move, to change, to be better ourselves. It is said in the degenerate age we can accumulate merit faster because of our current conditions. The larger the negative and hence the larger the positive. Having said that it is harder to practice positivity and virtue for the majority.