Author Topic: Find solutions to world issues through teachings of Buddhism; Says UN Secretary  (Read 3858 times)


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Wow, even the UN secretary is endorsing Buddhism!

achings of Buddhism; Says UN Secretary General.Friday, 24 May 2013 - 08:58 AM
UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon issuing a Vesak Day message said Veask  is a celebration for Buddhists worldwide and an opportunity for all members of the international community to benefit from their rich traditions.

This year’s observance, falling at a time of widespread strife and misery, is an occasion to examine how Buddhist teachings can inform our response to prevailing challenges.

Secretary General said confronting the troubling problems facing the world is consonant with Buddhism.


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Buddhism teachings are very suitable to bring about peace and harmony as the teachings are never prejudice or extreme. The UN secretary is spot on solutions to world issues with Buddhism. The world now is degenerate and becoming more and more selfish which in the long run will bring about disharmony as people become more self cherishing. I'm not sure how would other religions will react to what the UN secretary said but if it's peace and harmony, then why not. I guess using the basis of Buddhist teachings as the essence to overcome the world issues will be a good start.