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Re: Pro Choice... Pro Karma
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1) Read the Sanghata Sutra twelve times.

2) Read the Diamond Cutter Sutra once. To read it more than this is very, very good, but the minimum is once.

3) Every morning, do 100 prostrations to the Thirty-five Buddhas, while reciting their names, then at the end do the confession prayers.

4) Every evening, recite the long Vajrasattva mantra 21 times, or do half a mala, with meditation on the four opponent powers.

5) Then if you can, do lam-rim meditations. If you can, spend one month on each subject of the lam-rim. So, for instance, spend one month on the perfect human rebirth, then one month on its usefulness etc, in this way spending a month on each part of the lam-rim up to bodhicitta. Do this by using the lam-rim outline. You can use the Essential Nectar book and also Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand. I hope you have these books. It would be so good to develop your mind on the path to enlightenment. After you finish the lam-rim, go back to the beginning and start again. Do this over three years, trying to actualize the realizations and stabilize them.