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A Buddhist Story of Karma
« on: November 12, 2019, 09:46:50 AM »
A Buddhist Story of Karma
by Moe

A real story: a boy born with a rare disease, his skin scalped and peeled off without cause, and pain all over his skin and body, scorching.

All doctors were consulted but no medical term could be called to explain, the family was rich running a popular restaurant he was the only child. Eventually the mother sought out the Zen/Buddhist Master.

The Buddhist questioned the profession of the father… found that he was a famous chef who specialized a skill in slicing the fishes alive, and fried them with garnishes. When the dish prepared, the fish could be found still alive its head was intact rolling it’s eyes and gulping on the table.

The father inherited this asset from his father… and this is the family’s secret recipe, which facilitated their popular restaurant… many fishes were prepared in that way, the disease of his own son was the pain for the whole family.

At last, the father gave up the trade, and spread the money for charity, especially buying fishes that are about to be served for the meals, returned them to the water, to save them… with the parents’ these efforts, the boy was slowly recovering…(Story submitted by a Gnostic Warrior reader)