Author Topic: Did the Panglung Oracle FAIL TO CURE Tsem Tulku of his "Liver Disease"  (Read 5343 times)

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Here is a link to any article Tsem Tulku wrote about his "Liver Disease" and how the Panglung Oracle had supposedly cured him.


"How My Protector Healed Me"

JUN 24, 2019 | VIEWS: 6,090

Choje-la, is the official oracle of over 7 great Dharma protectors, who are able to enter him, take full control of his body and speech, and become a vessel of their messages, prophecies, advise and healing for the last 30 years. Choje-la is not an ordinary monk or person but a highly trained monk who has been personally trained by the previous His Holiness Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche and Kyabje Domo Geshe Rinpoche. He has been fully authorized by Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche to be the official Panglung Oracle over 40 years back. These very highly attained eminent Lamas have personally trained up and cleared the passage ways for Choje-la to be able to take full trance of 7 various protectors. Choje-la originally hails from Sera Mey Monastery and now he belongs to Serpom Monastery. I do not have any close relationship or know Choje-la very well up till about 3 years ago, in late October 2011.

A few years ago my Chinese TCM doctor discovered something wrong in my liver and asked me to go for Western medical checkup. It appeared that I had some hardening of my liver, which if left untreated or just the way it is can turn into something more terminal. So that diagnosis came out and I was put on a diet and given special medication for that. During that time, my students contacted Choje-la’s assistants, asking that the next time he takes trance, to please ask the dharma protector if there’s any pujas, or any recourse or what should be done for me.

The next thing I knew, Choje-la got on a plane with his entourage and landed in Malaysia to see me. I had the honor of having him stay in my own home. It was during that time that I have gotten to know Choje-la better, and it turns out that he is a very knowledgeable monk, a very kindly, well-experienced monk who has no agenda, has very strong guru devotion and very pure in his monk vows. I grew to respect, love and admire this monk, and really thought to myself that I am lucky to have him as a friend now, because he’s a really good monk and person. These qualities move me. Pure monks are very beneficial to dharma. He inspires me very much. During many difficult times, he has taken trance at my request in order that I can consult the dharma protector for certain answers that really kept me in the dark and that would have made a huge difference both wrong or right if the right steps were not implemented.

So, Choje-la arrived in Malaysia and took a special trance just for me and during the trance session, the dharma protector was very gracious, loving and extremely kind to me. He sat me down and did healing by placing his hands over my affected area – the liver, and did some rituals on it and some motion of extracting something from it and on top of that, he took some rice and blessed it and asked me to drink it immediately, and also gave me more blessed rice to soak in water to drink for one week daily. He also recommended a series of pujas and some special mantras that I needed to recite myself. I was amazed and grateful. After that was done, Choje-la was able to spend some time here with me, and we got to know each other much better, and if I may say so with respect, I was able to connect with him as a friend although I am not worthy of his friendship because he is such a senior and eminent monk, but I can say that he is a friend now. A while later, he returned back to Taiwan.

The incredible thing was a few months later, I went to Singapore for a check up. To the doctor’s amazement, there was tremendous healing that had happened in my liver. The healing is not forever and if I don’t take care, it could come back. But when I went back at that time, the doctor was amazed that the healing process could be so quick, so clear and so definitive. So that doctor actually asked me what did you do? What happened? So I jokingly told him that I have a Tibetan monk friend who is also a Tibetan doctor herbalist and he did things to help me get well. I had students who came with me witnessed all of these. I am grateful to Choje-la for helping me in a time of need, in a time that I was not well… I deeply appreciate his compassion and kindness over the years since then also, to do divination and to take trance of the dharma protectors for me so that I may ask questions over many important issues. Over the years I have seen the good results, the prophecies, and the answers come out true, one by one no matter how far fetched at first it might seem. Some may find this too mystical for them, but don’t limit the Buddhas and Dharma protectors of what they are able to do because enlightenment operating from the sphere of emptiness is unlimited in capacity and method. Our limited minds or cultural upbringing may make it hard for us to accept something that is perfectly normal in another practice or culture, so don’t knock it before you do complete investigations. You might be missing out. His Holiness Kyabje Zong Rinpoche would consult oracles as well as many other high eminent lamas throughout their lives and received good results. I follow in their beliefs as they introduced me to this. There is much ‘magic’ and mystery from Tibet, but you know what, I saw with my own eyes on my own body the incredible and miraculous results. It’s good enough for me.

Choje-la is an excellent oracle of Sera Monastery as was his father. His father was the famous Panglong Oracle who’s line of oracles are passed on by heredity, meaning father to son. So his father was a very famous oracle, and the very oracle that His Holiness the Dalai Lama consulted in 1959, who gave him the answer that he should leave Tibet… that’s what we were told by many senior monks who witnessed it. So in 1959, when things became tight and difficult, the Dalai Lama was very concerned. Naturally, he consulted his Guru, the previous Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche, and Trijang Rinpoche had people go and consult this famed oracle’s father who was a very famous oracle in Tibet at that time due to his extreme accuracy. This famous oracle then took trance of the dharma protector, and did a ‘clearings of the obstacle dance‘ and gave a sword to the Dalai Lama to be held at the head of the party as they escaped from Tibet to India. This sword is witnessed by hundreds who were on the escape party and this sword is now preserved. This sword was carried and incense burn daily in their successful exodus into India.

So the current oracle’s father was a very famous oracle in Tibet, whom had remained in Tibet, and finally passed away there after decades of tireless and beneficial service to many people who came to seek advise, prophecies and messages from the dharma protector without any personal gain. He was most famous for taking trance of Kache Marpo. So this current oracle is also a very high caliber, highly respected and very well known within the Gelugpa world in Tibet, India, Nepal and all over. He has taken trance of the dharma protector, many many times for my benefit and I have received a lot of personal benefit. I am indebted to this oracle, to his work, which was made possible due to his purity, practice and ability to really be a wonderful dharma practitioner, who is a great inspiration during this time. I decided to share to everyone his picture and blog about him because he is someone that I respect very deeply from the depths of my heart and I hope you can meet him one day. More than his amazing oracular abilities is he is simple, gentle, kind, pure in his vows, learned, practiced and strong guru devotion. All the qualities I wish to be one day. The current Panglung Kuten has all the hallmarks of a great practitioner and humble too. It is revealed in this oracle’s previous life, he was a great Geshe of the highest caliber serving the Buddha-dharma and these great protectors also. Thank you very much Choji-la for your inspiration, practice and immense kindness to me. I fold my hands to your spirituality and kindness. I pray to be like you in your practice.

Tsem Rinpoche


If as Tsem Tulku claims that the Panglung Oracle had "HEALED" him of his "Liver Disease", WHAT  WENT WRONG!!!!!!!


Did the healing fail or did the CTA and the Dalai Lama do "Fire Pujas" etc. to have the liver disease come back and kill him.

By revealing to the world that he had serious problems with his "Liver" the CTA and the Dalai Lama could have done dark mantras and black pujas to kill Tsem Tulku.

That is what these dark and evil rituals were and still are being used for by BLACK LAMAS.

To KILL their enemy.

The CTA and the Dalai Lama could have used "BLACK PHOWA LAMAS" in an attempt to attack Tsem Tulku during his 49 day Bardo journey.

To guided him to a poorer rebirth in this realm or any of the lesser realms.

Tsem Tulku only finished his Bardo journey on October 22, 2019.

Please pray for the swift return of Tsem Tulku.

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Re: Did the Panglung Oracle FAIL TO CURE Tsem Tulku of his "Liver Disease"
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I was in error in that It was not  the Panglung Oracle that failed to cure Tsem Tulku of his liver disease.

It was the "Dharma Protector" that failed him.

Unfortunately Tsem Tulku did not state the name of the "Dharma Protector" that supposedly cured him in his article.