Author Topic: The Dharmapala "Me thar" is senior to "Namkar Barzin" in Dorje Shugden's ritinue  (Read 287 times)

Harold Musetescu

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Roughly a year ago H.E. Tsem Tulku reintroduced the Dhamapala "Me thar" to the retinue of Dorje Shugden.

Prior to this we were told that their was only the Dharmpalas "Kache Marpo" and "Namkar Barzin" in Dorje Shugden's ritinue of Dharmpalas.

Now that "Me thar" has publicly found his place back with Dorje Shugden I wish to place him in the correct order of "Seniority".

We all know that Kache Marpo is Dorje Shugden's "First Minister".

"Me thar" is in fact the "Second Minister" and "Namkar Barzin" the "Third Minister".

I base this on the date that "Me thar" and "Namkar Barzin" became "Dharmapalas".

As we know "Me thar" was murdered in 1912 and then some time later he was made a "Dharmapala" by the 1st Serkong Dorje Chang.

The 1st Serkong Rinpoche passed away in 1918, which means that he made "Me thar" a "Dharmpala" sometime prior to his death.

We also know that "Namkar Barzin" was made a "Dharmapala" by H.E. Dome Geshe Rinpoche some time in the 1920's.

That means when "Namkar Barzin" joined the retinue of "Ministers" for Dorje Shugden he was met by "Kache Marpo" and "Me thar" at that time.

"Me thar" was already a "Minister" in Dorje Shugden's retinue prior to "Namkar Barzin's" arrival.

This means that the Dharmapala "Me thar" is senior to "Namkar Barzin".

So now we have the proper order for "Ministers" in Dorje Shugden's ritinue.