Author Topic: PM Narendra Modi wants to build grand monument of Lord Buddha in Gujarat  (Read 5436 times)


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Indian Prime Minister Modi aspires to build a grand monument of Lord Buddha in Gujarat.  His motivation for this construction is to attract tourism.  Nevertheless, the construction of the monument will bring vast merits and blessing to his district and people.

The Economic Times reported on JUNE 30, 2017:

MODASA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said he aspires to build a grand monument of Lord Buddha in Gujarat's Aravalli district where Buddhist relics were found during an excavation.

Addressing a gathering in Modasa city on the second day of his visit to the state, Modi, dressed in a traditional tribal attire, said the recent excavations in Aravalli have established that the Buddha was revered in the western belt of India as well.

"There was a general notion earlier that Lord Buddha was popular in the eastern belt of the country only. But, the excavation at Dev ni Mori near Shamlaji temple (in Aravalli) some time back has established that Lord Buddha's influence had reached the western belt too," he said.

"It is my dream to build a grand monument of Lord Buddha at Dev ni Mori, so that people from across the world can come here and visit this place. I'm confident of fulfilling my dream with your blessings," Modi said.

The prime minister also referred to his home town Vadnagar, saying even Chinese traveller Hsuan Tsang mentioned in his diary that there was a monastery in Vadnagar where nearly 10,000 Buddhist monks used to live centuries ago.

Modi was here to dedicate a Rs 552 crore scheme to provide drinking water to over 600 villages and three towns in the district.

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Re: PM Narendra Modi wants to build grand monument of Lord Buddha in Gujarat
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This is very good actually. I rejoice for this. Big outdoor Buddha statue has a lot of benefits to the entire area where the statue is built on and also all the sentient beings that is around that statue. In history, there are large outdoor Buddhas that were built specifically to calm the area down. Areas that are prone to accidents or natural disasters are recommended to have a large Buddha statue to calm the land and also the unseen beings around that area.

Leishan Giant Buddha is one of the examples of an outdoor Buddha statue that is purposely created to calm the environment down. The Buddha statue is carved from a cliff and it depicts Maitreya Buddha who is very popular in China. The statue overlooks a river which has turbulent waters that caused alot of problem for shipping vessels that travels down the river. After the Buddha statue is being made, the water of the river did calm down. This is just one of the examples.

Large outdoor Buddha statues are also built to bless the sentient beings that reside in that area. Humans or animals that can see the statue will be planted with Dharmic imprints that will benefit them in their future lives when they are triggered. Unseen beings around the area will also be blessed and pacified by the Buddha statue. That is why having a large outdoor Buddha statue is very beneficial.