Author Topic: Indian Police Arrest Three for Gangrape of Japanese scholar  (Read 3755 times)


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Indian Police Arrest Three for Gangrape of Japanese scholar
« on: January 02, 2015, 09:12:15 PM »
India has become a dangerous place for women in view of a spate of reported gang-rapes known even in civilised and educated Indian cities.  This report of gangraping a Buddhist Japanese Scholar in a sacred place in Bodh Gaya is outrageously unforgiveable and warrant these crimminals if caught to be sentenced to a life long prison.  India should review and tighten their laws to protect women in India.  Women in India have been a neglected species for the longest time in history.  I hope this case of gang-rape involving the foreigner will bring out the best in their country's protection ruling and the end of violation on women's dignity in India. 

In any case women who are going on pilgrimage or tour to India beware for your safety.  It is best to travel in groups to be safe than sorry.

January 03, 2015   
PATNA: Police arrested three Indians for allegedly gangraping a 22-year-old Japanese research scholar in a Buddhist pilgrimage center in eastern India, police said on Friday.

Police were looking for two more suspects who also allegedly kept the Japanese woman as a hostage for nearly three weeks in Bodh Gaya, a town nearly 130 kilometres south of Patna, the capital of Bihar state, police officer Akhilesh Singh said.

She managed to escape from their captivity on Dec.26 and reached Kolkata, once known as Calcutta, where she was based and filed a police complaint. She has studying life in rural India for some time, Singh said.

A Kolkata-based tourist guide had taken the Japanese woman to Bodh Gaya to show her the Buddhist pilgrimage centre where Gautam Buddha is said to have obtained enlightenment under a tree. He was joined by four others in keeping her in captivity and raping her, police officer Singh said.

Two of the arrests were made in Bodh Gaya on Friday and one earlier this week in Kolkata, police said.

India has a long history of tolerance of sexual violence. But a series of high-profile rape cases have triggered a strong public outrage in recent years, leading to tough anti-rape laws.

India has doubled prison terms for rapists to 20 years and criminalised voyeurism, stalking and the trafficking of women. The law also makes it a crime for officers to refuse to open cases when complaints are made.


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Re: Indian Police Arrest Three for Gangrape of Japanese scholar
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2015, 06:19:16 AM »
This is an update report to the first posting:

Japanese Student Gangraped in Indian Buddhist Town; Tour Guide Racket Exposed

A 23-year-old Japanese research scholar was allegedly gangraped over 12 days at gunpoint by tour guides in Bodh Gaya, Bihar.

The police have arrested five people who kept the woman hostage in a village near the Buddhist pilgrimage town. The police also disclosed the racket of tour guides 'proficient in Japanese', claiming that some have even married Japanese women.

The Japanese woman first arrived in Kolkata on 20 November, where three men posing as tour guides took her to the Digha beach town and molested her.

She was reportedly then taken to Bodh Gaya where she was gangraped for 12 days by the group of tour guides, who police said were running a racket to trap tourists from Japan.

"There was a racket of tour guides proficient in Japanese. They can speak and write Japanese. This group targets Japanese tourists and trap women. They snatch their cards and money. Some of these guides have also married Japanese women," Joint CP (Crime) Pallab Kanti Ghosh said, The Indian Express reported.

The Japanese consulate had reportedly lodged a complaint with the Kolkata police following complaints by Japanese tourists of molestation and looting.


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Re: Indian Police Arrest Three for Gangrape of Japanese scholar
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2015, 06:22:13 AM »
The following is report from Channel NewsAsia as at Monday, 5th January 2015:

KOLKATA: Five people have been arrested for repeatedly gang-raping and extorting money from a Japanese tourist held hostage for nearly a month in a basement close to a famous Buddhist shrine in India, officials said Sunday (Jan 4).

The 22-year-old's ordeal began in Kolkata, capital of West Bengal state, where she was befriended by three local men shortly after arriving on Nov 20, one of the city's top police officers told AFP.

The men, one of whom spoke Japanese, first managed to persuade her to withdraw around US$1,200 in cash before travelling with her to the holy shrine of Bodh Gaya in the neighbouring state of Bihar. There she was then handed over to two brothers who locked her in a secluded underground room and repeatedly raped her for nearly a month.

The two brothers, who were working as tourist guides, were arrested on Friday and taken to Kolkata where they appeared in court late Saturday. A magistrate ordered that they be remanded in custody until Jan 9 so the victim can take part in an identification parade.

Kolkata joint police commissioner Pallab Kanti Ghosh said the other three people were being held on suspicion of extorting money from the victim and then handing her over to the alleged rapists.

"We have arrested three people who befriended the victim in Kolkata. They have been charged with common conspiracy and intention to kidnap and rape," the commissioner said. "The men managed to extort 76,000 rupees (US$1,200) from her and convinced her to travel to Bodh Gaya with them in their car."

The woman managed to escape from Gaya and reached Varanasi where she met some Japanese tourists who helped her contact the consulate in Kolkata.

Although it was not immediately clear when her ordeal ended, police said she filed the police report in the last week of December.

"(When) we came to know of the incident... we assisted her in registering the complaint with the police," Japan's consul-general in Kolkata, Kazumi Endo, told AFP.

The case is the latest in a string of high-profile sex attacks reported across the country that have highlighted violence against women in the world's second most populous country. India has faced intense scrutiny over its efforts to curb violence against women following the fatal gang rape of a medical student in New Delhi in December 2012, which sparked global outcry.

While there has been outrage over sex attacks targeting middle-class women since the Delhi gang rape, this latest case went largely unnoticed, with major newspapers restricting coverage to small news items. The gang-rape of rural women also rarely garners media attention in India.

- AFP/xq


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Re: Indian Police Arrest Three for Gangrape of Japanese scholar
« Reply #3 on: January 10, 2015, 02:31:10 PM »
It is very sad to hear that women in India are totally ignored of when it comes to their safety. Women in India have long fallen prey to being raped and it really makes my blood boil that their government is doning nothing to protect them.

At least with this arrest, these 3 criminals will hopefully serve a life in prison for the harm they've done, and let's hope that more and more of such criminals will be apprehended and serve justice.

Let's all send our prayers to all women in India so that they will be protected by Dorje Shugden from such horrible experience, pain and suffering.